Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Brian DePalma the Unpatriotic Hollywood

Jackass can kiss off!

I will probably not see the move degrading of our soldiers! Nobody but liberals will see this move. It is nothing but a downer!

It’s funny how I don’t pay attention to actors anyway. If I see a movie it is for entertainment and I don’t give a crap who is in it so don’t ask me. As for this movie coming out I will agree with Roger L. Simon . I’m not seeing it either!


Nice one there Roger on Edwards health care quickie too! You are really spot on!

Maybe they will give Edwards a brain! He really needs one really, really bad! (A quickie: “I loved that!... bwahahahaha) Roger how about the brain in the abbey normal container? Oh wait he has that one already. Then we can declare him NUTS!

1984 isn’t going to happen!


Mike H. said...

I heard about the flick and I received the same impression that Mr. Simon did. I'm not to happy with Depalma.

dcat said...

Most true Americans did too Mike H.

Indigo Red said...

So, John Edwards is going to force everyone to see a doctor twice a year and even force everyone to dentists ... how the hell is he going to do that? If we do manage to avoid the medicos, but not the health police, what does John think the penalties should be?

I swear that man has more room in his skull than he has in his two-Americas mansion.

dcat said...

Well Indigo it's like this... he can't!

Don't forget about that jet! Oh and the rocks in his head rattling about!