Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ron Paul a New Candidate Wanna Be

Ron Paul who? You mean that libertarian creepy person. The only thing I would agree with is the border issue! I don’t think that is the sole reason I would have with a candidate! There is so much more to a leader.

Putting security first would eliminate the need for a fence that can be cut with wire cutters. We have technology that can be put to a greater watch! We have people starting to notice and calling attention to the unusual. They are contacting ICE or being part of TSC. The eyes of America are watching. We will make companies comply with this.

I also noticed like a lot of other blogs that the libertarians are having a field day with stuffing the polls. Oh and the idiot followers will just go along with it instead of reading how twisted and extreme that group is! There is no balance there! “Duh huh well look see Mildred all the people are voting for this guy he must be good duh huh!” NOT!

It definitely is a philosophy! The doctrine of free will is already with most of us! As the blonds flip their hair back um yes even the air heads. They have a free will to be misguided and controlled. But hey they won’t know the difference so there is that freedom.

I think (there is that free thought of mine again) that libertarians are more promiscuous liberal then tolerant! I use the word promiscuous with an enemy and the economy all at the same time. They will go to bed with the enemy and they sure will bring our economy down with high taxes to the so called rich! They are running in so many directions that they have no idea what is UP!

Why do I keep thinking of Ralph Nader? I know there is a difference. Or is this more of the same! Yep and that will be in my mind KOOKS every last one of them!!!

Update: Press release: FBI announces over 350 arrests in multi-agency operation clean sweep'


Mike's America said...

The Paulites haven't found you yet Dcat?

You should check out what they've been saying about me at Flopping Aces:

They're CRAZY!

dcat said...

No shit Mike!

I think they were just waiting for Fred to come on is what I think and they are all scared!

Just wait till what I say about them :D

They just proved to me that they are all insane! And it only took one day! HEH!

Indigo Red said...

How can you trust a guy with two first names?

dcat said...

It is notable that many Arab societies commonly do not have family names in the sense used in the English sense of the term

Calamity said...

Just a new Iraqi blog


dcat said...

Good luck calamity,
I am loyal to ITM thanks.

Mike H. said...

I'm voting for the Paul/Kucinich ticket! Scared you didn't I! :D

dcat said...

Paul Kucinich?
Is he another hairdresser that should not be trusted with scissors?

Anonymous said...
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