Saturday, January 01, 2011




Always On Watch said...

Now, that's a New Year's resolution that I heartily wish for.

dcat said...

First let me wish you a Happy New Year Always on Watch!

I see your comments on the blogs and am honored to have you here.

You know we have a war to fight within our country. Socialist Marxist, for socialism and this back ass cult that are hoping for our destruction to bring us to our knees.

I’m here to say it ain’t gonna happen!

I have respect for some religions however this one back ass CULT islam I don’t and never will.

I say respect me first, ‘my freedom and The Constitution of the USA or get the hell out of my country and take that rag tag cult with its political ideology of shit with ya! End of story!

So Yeah I plan to keep on keeping on! No I won't let up! EVER!

How about you? ;)

dcat said...

Pamela Geller is not alone we just found her with the same values as many, many Americans

This is war and we are MANY!

Always On Watch said...

So Yeah I plan to keep on keeping on! No I won't let up! EVER!

How about you?

Me quit? Nope.

I've had to slow down some since my husband had a brain hemorrhage in September 2009. But he's getting better now, little by little, so I'm out and about on the web again -- and more politically active, too.

dcat said...

islam of peace


dcat said...


My prayers go out to you and hubby.

The power of prayer is strong and we will win this.

Even if we die we will be better off then the islamic jackwagons!

I will keep going off like a cannon!

When I get the chance of course. ;)
Just posted more... Must take the dog to the park though soon.

I will post an email and then delete it so tell me if you got it.