Saturday, January 15, 2011

Different imam same spiel

Oh look everybody the Ass Hat piece of guano thinks someone else can persuade us!

Oh just think again! It's all over the blog! Does this dipshit think he will do any better than rauf! I don't think it changed my mind!!! What about you Pamela?

Read about it here at Jammie Wearing Fool.

Now it's here too!

islam RAUF and Thugs have Nowhere to hide nowhere to hide! The blogers have their number!


Mike's America said...

They can wrap their crazy jihad ideology in a new turban and wash the sand out of their camel's ass but it's still the same s*#t!

dcat said...

Yep it will always be the same o same o!

Nothing good will ever come out of it either and ooh how it smells!

Always On Watch said...

Perfect choice of music for this post!

Yeah, we bloggers are all over the lies the media and Moslems are trying to perpetrate.