Thursday, January 06, 2011

islam brotherhoods of thugs open their traps once again!

So this is what I say to worthless islamic asswipes:

"You piece of slimes! You won't stand a chance! MORONS!

I will go bareass if it pisses you off and I will blow your sorry asses away!

You crazy morons try to mess with freedom and we will fill your butts full of lead!

If you dare come face to face with me I will spit in your face! If you kill me I will be with my lord Jesus Christ! I'll be just fine! But mark my words you won't be!

Now I know why the almighty put me here! To defy you worthless pieces of slime siding with Satan!"

In the name of God the father the almighty creator of Heven and Earth I ask that he, 'the almighty God will cast evil followers of islam out!

In the name of God the father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! BE GONE!


Always On Watch said...

Excorcism is indeed what is needed.

dcat said...

Ya think it will work? ;)

dcat said...

I can see it now if one of these parasites hit me because of my cleavage in a costco store!

There would be crime tape and everyone would be on my side!!!

dcat said...

I will continue to slap them down as much as I can!