Sunday, January 16, 2011

Martin Luther King Day

NO CAIR YOU MOVE OVER! Yer in MY country!

You want your asses in the air on this day you go to iran!!!

Gosh darn them!!! We need a leader that will not allow this on our holidays! This is our America and by golly the CAIR dips won't hijack Razor Sharp Claws!!!

We will honor our great leaders of our nation! NOT SOME RAG TAG PIECE of GUANO NAMED MUHAMMAD!

Yer damn right I'm upset! Read it here!

Then come back and tell me why I shouldn't be! And if you support this group don't count on your comment getting kudos! Only twisted sick people fall for dumb stuff like this group of hatred for America islamic creeps!

What twisted people they are!!! They hate America! They hate the Western civilization!

They definitely are NOT HONORING THE KING!

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