Saturday, January 01, 2011

Religion of PISS

That is islam for ya!

They try to twist things so badly but we are on to them! Harmany till islam wants to take over!

Don't let islam and don't give em an inch!

Here in America I say:

"I say respect me first, ‘my freedom and The Constitution of the USA or get the hell out of my country and take that rag tag cult with its "political ideology" of shit with ya! End of story!"


Car Bomb Kills 21 Christians Leaving Church in Egypt After New Year’s Mass (Video)

Obama Releases Statement Following Deadly 1-1-11 Terror Attacks: Won’t Blame Islamic Radicals & Says Muslims Were Victims


Lebanese Shiite Leader Blames Jews For Alexandria Bombing


Islamists Kill 11 at Crowded Market in Nigerian Capital


NYC Mayor Bloomberg secretly aided Ground Zero victory mosque


Always On Watch said...

Of course, BHO's official statement about these murders including something about "Muslim victims."

Muslim victims? What's he smokin'?

dcat said...

Yeah AOW I heard.

Well he is one of them and those islamic muslim parasites are his friends. We all know this!

Maybe we will be lucky this year. Irons and lightning mix on the golf range.

I can’t help to think he is making his socialist Marxist mom and his America hating dad in hell proud by bringing this country down! By supporting the parasite religion of shit he sure is showing his true colors!

dcat said...

Back to the muslims; The Christians have had it with them blowing shit up all the time and killing.

It’s about time they attack back! They need to do it politically and put an end to their little antics just like here in the USA!

We are bringing attention and lots of information. Like their morphing into something else every time that pathetic ground zero mosque is brought up. “It’s for everybody bull shit” ‘Ok than when they have the pool will they then make the laws that men are at one end and women at the other dressed head to toe? We will see about that! They will have parts of that building that they are trying to get “tax payer” money to build. They will have several floors of that building for their own use! This will be wrong for them to do! If it’s for the public it best be every inch of that building for the public!!!

We better make the rules while they build it to our advantage or else it will be their little trophy building!

I know how islamic morons operate it’s the ones out there that need to open up their eyes to it and stop thinking its only “a certain group”. These islamic parasites are just so good at deception it isn’t even funny!