Saturday, January 08, 2011

AZ SHOOTER: JAROD LOUGHNER – He Likes Watching US Flags Burn

What a turd!!!

No shit he wasn't a tea party person!!!
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Everybody knows it's in the "Daily Kos"


Indigo Red said...

Jarod Loughner is a very ill individual. Responsible for his actions in every way, he is no less crazy than was John Hinckley who shot President Reagan. Loughner should be charged and prosecuted much the same as Hinkley.

Shame on all those who are accusing the Tea Party, Conservatives, the right-wing, and Sarah Palin or anyone else. Loughner and his sick mind are totally at fault.

dcat said...

I don't care if he is nuts! That is obvious and so are a lot of criminals!

I say give him and all criminals the death penalty!!!

Maybe it will wake a few up! You do this to people and you will DIE!

I feel the same way for that moronic islamic muslim that shot at everyone on base in Texas, and the nutcase muslim that shot and killed a woman at the Jewish center here in Seattle!

I'm sick to death for the special treatment for the mentally NUTS and their screwed up families!!!

This guy is a nutcase white guy loser and is probably a recruit for some back ass group here against the USA!

dcat said...

k. olberman is a lunatic as well!

Always On Watch said...

I haven't heard the mainstream news reports yet this morning.

But I'm pretty sure what I'm going to hear: that our nation needs to limit free speech because political dissent contributed to Loughner's actions.

Last night on the evening news, I saw the video of Gifford's concerns about Sarah Palin's election map with crosshairs symbols.

So, IMO, Loughner might not have be a Tea Partier, but the right is going to get the blame. Ugh.

dcat said...


You know they can try however I don’t see that happening.

I see the left communist loons pointing fingers though and trying to start something stupid.

We don’t have to take blame for this lunatic! After all the nut job islamic muslim that shot up the base in Texas didn’t bring anything to the fact that they are here and destroying us from within!

Furthermore they have no evidence and it will make them try and will only make them look more stupid then they already are!

I wrote a letter to linda lopez to apologize to our military for saying he was a solder when he wasn’t! I got the address to her from Blackfive.

I told linda that she was just as bad as keith olberman. He should be committed!

It’s time we shame the media for they have no credentials AT ALL!

dcat said...

Just posted at a mutual site to say this:

"Westboro "Baptist Church" intends to protest the 9 year old's funeral. That is in direct violation of the Christian faith and Baptist doctrine. ALL corners of the liberal sphere is a very nasty, debased landscape to behold."

bm said...

Well it hasn't taken the liberals to long to jump on the bandwagon that a tea party guy did this. Never let any tragedy go unexploited.

But, so far, I can't frankly figure out WHAT this guy stands for, other than he's just plain nuts!

I'm not going to pollute this blog with the nonsense that blames the Tea Party for this insanity, but I will say that these lefties who are so swift to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea party people for this is horrible and for them to exploit this for political reason is so damn typical that it's a shameful; thing. Not that these lefties have any shame.

dcat said...

It seems our socialistic far left loons are afraid of losing ground in destroying what we have here in the USA!

It is just many of crazy groups out there!

I take it you didn’t see this lunatic burn the flag in a video. Look around on line and follow my links here because they are posted. This moron hates Jews and Our Blue dog Democrat in name only “A true Conservative” was and so I know exactly what is going on here!

Look at his favorite books that he liked to read. Open the eye’s wide. He was definitely a recruit only against our country and in the wrong army!!!

bm said...

“A true Conservative”

dcat said...

Yes I will post it here too!

The loons take on a new low!