Friday, December 31, 2010

taliban Top Jerk Killed!

Happy New Year!

'Taliban shadow governor killed in Afghanistan'
(AFP) – 11 hours ago

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan — A top Taliban commander and his bodyguard were killed during an overnight operation by Afghan and NATO forces in northern Afghanistan, police said on Friday.

Mawlawi Bahadur was killed Thursday night in Chahar Dara, a militant-plagued district of Kunduz province, provincial police spokesman Haroon Aryayenezhad told AFP.

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The Griper said...

mmm a good way to begin the new year. may the year bring many more stories like this.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend

dcat said...

Even more so for the ones here working to bring us down from within! May they fry!

tha malcontent said...

May this New Year bring you and your family nothing but the best ever.