Friday, December 17, 2010

New Super Gun Explained

SWEET isn't it!

Navy sets New World Record With Latest Electromagnetic Railgun Demo

Just one step closer!

Then my brother that knows me so well. I love those muzzies so much so he comes up with a TV commercial:

For those hard to buy for this Christmas Season with free shipping now...

'Get the new Toast-a-Muz' It allows you to fry Muz's as far away as 130 miles. Act now and for the same price of just $29.95 you'll receive not one but two Toast-a-Muz's' also get the mini muz blaster that will detect and toast all muz's within a 1000 yd range that are pretending to be real humans. So act now and get........

Now I know what he wants for Christmas too! :D :D :D = ho ho ho ;)


Mike H. said...

Onward and Upward, they need ceramic track.

Mike H. said...

Ok, where are you going to find a shoulder fired, AA - battry powered, Electromagnetic Railgun suitable for taking out enemy targets like the statehouse?

It would have to be a rather light one, because if it were a pound projectile they would be scraping your brother off of the first wall that was behind him.

RG said...

Merry Christmas DCat from * The W-Bar-E Ranch * ~ Texas ~

Mike's America said...

How long before the lefties will insist this great weapon be banned so that only the Chinese and the Russians will have them?

I'm surprised Obama hasn't cut the funding for this already.


dcat said...

Two more weeks Mike ;)

Merry Christmas to you too!