Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yes I love this guy!
Just double click on this vid and you will get the whole picture!


Indigo Red said...

R. Lee - good guy all around.

dcat said...

Yes he is and we need more like him Indigo!

Make sure to see these two videos from Pamela Geller.

Happy New Year Indigo!

Mike H. said...

Ooh flipping Rah! My main man! Him and the Commandaddy!

Them pugugly Juggies will stay the course!

Ya hear al-'Bama?

dcat said...

Mike H,
You say ugly?! Naw they are very attractive to me! Those are MEN and WOMEN that know how to handle themselves!

dcat said...

Hell yeah! We can do it!

dcat said...

So yeah Mike H. Hoo Rah!

Mike's America said...

Happy New Year Dcat!