Monday, December 27, 2010

Sharia law

Disturbing, graphic video describes “Islamic punishment”

Dear Dcat,

Our December 20th email video showed a consequence of the name-calling tactic used by many Muslim leaders, organizations and their allies, who frequently allege “racism” and “Islamophobia” at the slightest hint of criticism of Islam.

Were it not for a video camera, an Australian police officer’s career might well have been ruined thanks to false and malicious charges of racism leveled against him by a burqa-clad Muslim woman.

Today we bring you another disturbing video, courtesy of MEMRI, of a woman in Sudan receiving a lashing by two government officers. (Please note there are graphic and disturbing images in this video). The Governor of Khartoum describes what happened as Islamic punishment carried out by a court of law. This is the consequence of the implementation of sharia law.

What is even funnier in that first video at the end this islamic jerk of a male said “she should not go to jail because she has seven children”. Oh but it is ok in islamic law to stone them to death. Laughable and sad all at the same time!

It makes me sick to death how people still feel that these parasites have a right to practice a heinous religion like islam in the USA! They try and twist everything they can so they can move islam forward! The bus ads don’t tell you about how Israel has to fend theses morons of islam off! They “islamic thugs” fire first and when Israel defends its self the parasites call foul!

Let em have our freedom of speech because then I and others will have a right to set the record straight! iSLAMIC JERKS WILL NOT WIN HERE!

Nice job there Pamela Geller :+: Thanks to all my Patriot Neighbbors calling in and emailing metro here in liberal back ass Seattle!


tha malcontent said...

Happy New Year dcat And by the way, You commented on my blog, Not to forget about Bibi.

Well trust me I didn't, I had already had a new post scheduled for posting today on her plight. .

dcat said...

Happy New Year Mal!

I hope you made it safe and sound from Italy.

Oh and you know how I follow Pamela Geller. Make sure to see these two videos.