Saturday, December 27, 2008

The vendetta goes on!

Don't forget about these two beautiful girls! Find the father "Yaser, son Islam, and mother dearest Tessie"! For these two girls death for embracing AMERICAN WESTERN WAYS!

Most mulims just turn their back to this murder saying it was justified! They hid Yaser away! They helped him get away! How can anyone go along with this back ass religion of CRAP!

Rest in peace Sarah and Armina Some of us will never give up or rest! I will never give in to the sick bay of religious zealots such as islam! Folks in that religion of thugs don’t get my respect and NEVER WILL! Oh and I am not a bigot I just know the facts!
Now a Memorial One year later!


City Troll said...

the religion of peace?

dcat said...

I know I can count on you Troll!

At least you haven’t gone airhead blond on me!

Happy New Year to you and looking for better days ahead!

God bless our Troops and USA!!!

These two girls are in better hands then in the hands of the thug father of theirs! Oh and lets not forget the candy ass old lady of a mother!

You know most of these women are subservient to their pricks! They need a mother and can’t even dress themselves without em!

They hate women like me and that is all just FINE!

Indigo Red said...

I keep wanting to say something about the murders, but I just can't find the words. Here I am at a complete loss.

dcat said...

Oh and don’t you know OUR very OWN FBI refuse to call it an HONOR KILLING!!!

We wouldn’t want to hurt the muzzies now do we!

That cult needs to be crushed!

RG said...

Well, being that the FBI is a federal operation, they can't be honest anymore, just PC (which stands for Pure Crap).

Tom said...

There has to be a special level of Hell for animals like this...

Mike H. said...

Yeah Tom, it's when they find out that their houris are really harpies.

Joanne said...

"For we know the one who said, "Vengeance belongs to me; I will pay them back," and again, "The Lord will judge his people.""

This man will receive God's wrath - we just have to take solace in knowing this, and a few bullets to his extremities, then torso, and lasting his vital organs - that should do the trick.

dcat said...

Here you go Joanne.

Then there is this go look at the threats this punk of a brother made!

Oh yeah I have an ignored site all right! Someone will read this though and it will be one more!

Happy to say, I don't have a pompous windbag coming here either! Apologizing for the finger up the butt muslims or the so called, "non practicing muslims" that are silent! They certainly are not with us!

Only the élite that know the score come here!

Thank you all! Now go vote for Pamela's site!