Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seattle, Barber gone JIHAD!

American barber turned jihadistGOOD! GLAD HE IS DEAD! GLAD TO HEAR HE IS IN HELL!!!

Christmas comes early! Just more to follow suit! May more like him follow him to HELL!

Thank you Robert Spencer from: Jihad Watch for the great report of the Seattle loons that back THUGS!
Seattle is full of idiots! I mean just the other day they got a convicted criminal off charges because a thug convinced the same people that put him away for harming old people and stealing from them! HE WAS A FREKING THUG! PEOPLE, GET OVER YOURSELF!
He pulled at the heartstrings of liberals! Just like the nut case that shot up the Jewish building in Seattle killing one! Yeah he was psychotic but they ALL ARE! I don’t need to have them underfoot in my neighborhood! I don’t need bleeding heart liberals that have no guts or brains runnin the show either!
Soon we will have thugs patrolling our area thanks to the bleeding hearts here in the Pacific North West! Thugs will soon roam the streets more then they already are! I'm beginning to think they are the children of all the liberals!
Conservative people don’t put up with ill mannered BRATS that become THUGS!


Indigo Red said...

Good lord! If he's the barber, who the hell did his hair? Get a load of his do! He wanted to meet his moon daddy looking like that!

dcat said...

LOL Indigo no the 72 hags in hell!

Indigo Red said...

If that look didn't get him some tail in this life, it's not gonnaget any in the next, either.

The Griper said...

thumbs up, girl. nice post.

dcat said...

It is pretty ugly most all of them are! Looking at the picture makes my skin crawl!

Thanks however I would rather like posting about lally stuff but I just can't bring myself to do that when shit like this are running around loose like a bad bowel movement! The media and left loons here are on their side!

Mike's America said...

A barber hunh? Gives new meaning to the word "beheading."

Mike H. said...

Um dcat, what the heck did he convince the twerps of? Shirley not that he was a peaceful person. How the heck can they read an arrest warrant and think that? I am befuddled.

'Course I'm also sick and tired of this garbage. Pack up dcat, I'm blowing the Sound off the face of the Earth next week, Thursday.

dcat said...

Just in time for Christmas Mike H. I'm sure the loons will love it! Then they can go to the great Hell hole!

Out of one into another for all eternity!

Mike H. said...

LOL, My pleasure.