Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bail out?

UH NO! I am not for the bail out!!! Just like I am not for that atheist sign in Olympia! Showed me how weak Gregoure really is!

Companies and business come and go! Poor management means no more company! Our Government SHOULD NOT be bailing out, businesses!

However a hundred to one the money given to the Government from the big ass companies will sway the vote!

This isn’t good people! Don't tell me about jobs! It's about Government having too much power! NOT GOOD!

Yeah they should suck it up! Regulate the Unions and cut their power while at it!


Indigo Red said...

There is one good thing to come from this crisis and that is the Unions are understanding they were a major cause of the financial situation their employers find themselves. Unions played an important role in moving workers out of very dngerous working conditions and gave us all safer work places.

When Unions decided that employers were social services rather than the agents of better lives, the Unions lost their purpose for being.

The Griper said...

when unions became lobbyists of governmental labor law they made themselves irrelevant. they no longer had any legitimate basis for existing other than as the core of socialism.

dcat said...

I would never join a fucking union!

So you can just call me a scab and it won’t be offensive to me!

RG said...

When businesses are protected against failuer, that business will never have the incentive to put out a decent product.

And then all of society will pay in the long run. They need to let these old dinosaurs fail, pick up the pieces and to build a better company. That is life.

mountainDew said...

The doll sayz EVIL THINGS:
Ismal is the light and The satan in the King..!!!

dcat said...

Your on the wrong post mountainDew


Mike H. said...

Gregoire is not weak! She's corrupted. She actually believes that stuff! And she believes that she can get away with allowing it in this state.

Just my two cents dcat.

dcat said...

Mike H,

Ah but I always knew that the corrupted are weak! I'll throw some more cents in to the circle.