Monday, December 01, 2008


Maybe the little asswipes can duck out of the religion of THUGS! I sure as hell don't wan't anything to do with the losers!

I loved the sign! LOL

I like offending as many as possible in that rag bag team!


The Griper said...

hey, there are some Christian religions that use these also. :)

dcat said...

Yeah and I’m proud to say I don’t belong to any organized religion.

I don’t need a group of people or a building to bring me closer to God!

I believe mankind has been going NUT’S for quite sometime now and I don’t have to come along for the ride!

My own church has changed when I went because of my brother’s death! Since when do Catholics put their hands in the air!? Where were all the kneelers?! I made several notes! Don't you worry about THAT!

Soon we will have our ASSES IN THE AIR TO MECCA! AND I WON'T DO IT!!!

Indigo Red said...

And use Koran Toilet Tissue.

Mike H. said...

Yup, what Indigo said. Yup, uh huh, and do it while they're washing their feet. And borrow their Koran roll too.

Indigo Red said...

If they aren't ashamed I'm plenty ashamed of them.