Friday, December 26, 2008

MY New Year message to Ahmadinejad!

Because of this: UK criticises Ahmadinejad broadcast So many lies and deceits! I just had to precipitate!

Hey ahmadinejad,
You are the biggest loser on the planet next to all the followers of islam the religion of shit! You were only tugging at the peaceniks heartstrings! Not, mine or others like me! We know you too damn well! Let me enlighten you! Stop “acting so sincere! It really does not complement your evil intensions!

You and your elk deserve an eternity of hell! What makes you think we will make peace with a bunch of islamic mornons such as yourself!? Islam destroys everything it touches! It destroys women’s spirit, blows shit up and many other countless horrible actions!

You ahmadinejad, are a little horrible male and your time will be short on this planet. You can’t enjoy your life unless you destroy others! You take freedom from humanity! Therefore you will suffer! Maybe you should take that little blue pill to help you out! Heh!

Have a horrible life ahmadinejad, and a worst afterlife ever! If Christ, was here you would have put him away not on a cross but to be publicly hung just as you did to countless other innocent people! YOU ARE A FREAK ahmadinejad!

No comments are necessary I already know!