Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Taliban get gifts from 'The British Royal Marines in the Christmas Spirit!

Now that is what I call being in the spirit of the Christmas Season
God Bless The British Royal Marines! And the: Wolverine dawn for making my day!

Merry Christmas to our Troops as well!

May God Bless all that are fighting the islamic thugs!


City Troll said...

Merry Christmas

The Troll

Tom said...

Merry Christmas, dcat!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Great photo! Merry Christmas!

Indigo Red said...

Merry Christmas, dcat!! You can keep the chip right where it belongs.

Mike's America said...

One of my fellow bloggers at Flopping Aces is in Afganistan and said the Taliban started a fight with us on Christmas eve.

We fired back with the BIG artillery and it was all SILENT NIGHT after that!

Merry Christmas!

dcat said...

Good! Islamic morons need to just shut the fuck up!

They sure ain't going to win with me, I'll tell you that much!

Keep up the fight Mike!

It's like those 5 islamic thugs trying to use mommy to get them off charges?!

Heh it ain't gonna work here bitch! So take your raggedy ass and the rest of your clan mistakes and get the hell out of MY COUNTRY!!!