Thursday, July 26, 2007

Report it, Report it, and Report it!!!

Yeah you dip shit Imams and the rest of your rag bag team! Care you are F@#!ing losers! Ya DIPSHITS!

I'm not scared and they will have to just pay the court fee then when they lose!!!


The Griper said...

i agree with Tucker on this law suit. the guy interviewed used a very faulty defense of the suit.

he is admitting the law suit has no grounds to sue but are looking and hoping to find grounds in the trial.

in other words, there is no evidence of probable cause to believe the accusation nor possible cause to believe it other than the fact that the suers are of a certain religion.

this appears to be a case where a person is considered guilty until proven innocent.

dcat said...


I consider the case a dry run for our rights to be safe according to the guy interviewed!

How much money is in it for him I wonder!

The Griper said...

whatever he is getting paid he isn't doing his job. lol his argument is full of holes big enough that you can a truck through. and thanks for the compliment.

dcat said...

Yep you got that right and you are so welcome Griper! :)

atheling2 said...

dcat! Let's roll, girl!

DC in 2008, Million Man March to take back our country!

Spread the word!

dcat said...

Remember to state the the karon in the toilet is art!!!

dcat said...

Yep and thanks girlfriend! I will get to your site when life doesn't have me so busy. UGH THE END OF JULY ALREADY!!!