Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hey You! Wimpy Ass Women’s Movement Group here in the USA!

Where in the hell are you when it comes to Arab women that need your help!? Huh!?!

Some of them don’t want to wear the tent! Besides that they don’t realize that their men like to dress in drag! Shouldn’t you gals like do something to support them?

Like Me and the bitches I blog with … Bitches = “Real Women”

Louise said...
Joanne: Maybe those Muslim women would appreciate it if burkas were outlawed.
Some of them would never be allowed out of the house.

Some think the tent should be banned. And some think that if the tent was banned then the women would have to stay on house arrest! WTF is that all about! (Frankly I would leave the prick or kill em!) You people gonna stand for that abuse with women or what!?

Chicken shit Liberals! SHEESH!!!

Well Joanne at least some of the women's movement recognizes Hillary for what she is! And that is a testosterone woman in a skirt! They said they would not vote for her, you have to give them that much credit! LOL

“Joanne a Canuck friend has a great recipe for chicken if you women's movement groups do something about the tent situation!”

Well, I don’t know gals looks like the women’s movement is in need of some high potency suppositories or something!

*Just like I suspected in this link!* they are all underground hoping that the real women go away and stop bugging them!


Hmmm!? Maybe it is time for a one on one! Women taking down the tents one by one! The men wouldn’t dare interrupt if they had a brain! Ok so they don’t! So anyone up for it, or are you just a bunch of girls!?!

There are some skinny Arab men out there. I know I could take them! What say you!? Their wimpy little women look like they have no fight in them so it should be easy. Except for some of their guys they will be in drag! Talk about chicken shit!

Oh yeah I forgot! Doing this would be "to the liberals" assault!

We could do this legally than. We can get restraining orders on all Islamic groups and have them all, stay at home! They would have to depend on services like ordering groceries on line… Just think of the job opportunities for Poncho and his gang! Hell with Poncho and his gang we could get more people off of welfare! Of course that would mean that if Poncho was to make a dollar more they will just go home and make more dependence’s! Oh well problem salved! Just strap little bambino on the back and mom can work too! Then when the Arabs money runs out they have to go back to their country!

Oh but here is the other beauty of it all! Court order has banned them from the airport! They starve to death and we win! The ones that get smart and disobey the law get put in our prison. Bend over and pick up that soap!

Dreams are wonderful aren't they!


Indigo Red said...

I wrote about this at Mike's America too.

The Feminist Movement was never about women's welfare. It's about power and emulating men. Those women who choose to be anything other than corporate "men' are condemned. "Men" was the gold standard to be reached and copied. I would veiw the whole movement differently if the purpose was to find middle ground, but the purpose was to achieve parity with men, as if men were in fact superior. They sure got that wrong.

Many women throughout time have shown that to be effective and successful, women do not need to emulate male behavior. I have known many very strong women who are not feminists in the Movement sense.

Then there's Gloria Steinem, the quintessential modern Feminist. Single, self-sufficient, strong, pushy, annoying. And after many years of deriding women who chose to stay in the home, she married and completely caved and became the housewife. Jeez, what a wuss!

dcat said...

Bottom line Indigo is that 'everyone can be an asshole!

But if the bigger asshole tries to take your freedom you do have to squash it like a bug!!!

I am out for number one! I don’t need a fucking women’s movement! I don’t like them either!