Wednesday, July 04, 2007

When the Tough get Going Islamist Dress in Women’s Clothing

They dress in women's clothing and hang around in bars! HA!

Ok the Forth is over for people in the Middle East!

Yeah you women in the fucked up religion this is how your strong manly types get out of jams! So are you still gonna follow that perverted cult!? You are noting but their prostitutes and they are your pimps! Get a fucking clue!!! Especially the one I saw at Costco the other month! God you were wearing glasses and you are still fucking BLIND!!!

You people in the Islamist cult make me laugh! If I were you…Thank God I’m not that Stupid! I would get out of that mindless back ass religion before it is too late! God really does know that I have had my fill of all of you!

I don’t fear you at all but I just have a lot of questions that none of you can answer! Get in any deeper and you will drown in that cult. You will lose what God has given all of us and that is the human compassion needed to help others. I have none of that compassion lately for you people. You have proved yourselves to be following a false profit of destruction and you are not with the religion of peace! For some of you it is a fad and don't know any better!

I love the sands of passion! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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