Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Think Islam is a ‘Bad Thing TOO!!!

click here for Ayaan Hirsi Ali interview!

Not quite parody but dangerously close. How can she be so disgustingly pro-American, he wonders, and yet so stridently anti-Islamic? Doesn’t she see that Islamists and “Christianists” are two sides of the same coin?
Things pick up towards the end but she never retreats. Just one of the many reasons she has my vote for the vice presidency next year. Click the image to watch.
Video: Cartoonishly anti-American Canadian interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali


Crazy Marzouq Redneck Muslim said...


Just stopping by. Notice on your profile you are in the right age window. I am single, good looking and want to add to my harem.


Salaam eleikum, Hon!

Indigo Red said...

This woman has actually experianced Islam and its brutallity, yet so many people just can't bring themselves to believe that people - other than Americans - can do horrible things.

This is possibly the greatest difference betwixt Liberals and the Sane. For Libs, all people are good from birth, evil conservatives are created. They never wonder why children must be taught to share, not to steal stuf and harm others. Watching children from the earliest age, one cannot escape the conclusion that people are naturally self-centered and care nothing for the other. Otherwise, how could anyone survive?

dcat said...

Good looking to whom? You're self?

You must have a small load so you don't need a harem your hand will do just fine! Two strokes and I bet it's over in no time!

You're a short little dude too I'll wager!

O by cie chudy byk wyruchał

dcat said...

Hey Indigo,

Glad you got in the middle of this otherwise I would kill that dude! Then the fucked up liberals would think that I was the bad person! That is how they all liberals are and they think slugs like Crazy MRM's are just fine!!! UGH!

Donald Douglas said...

Ha! A pick for the vice-presidency! That's awesome!

Mike H. said...

The Democrats have pulled the Defense Budget off of the floor. This is in response to their loss on the redeployment bill last night.

Cantwell has been notified that I'll help her get full credit for the action.

dcat said...

Yeah Mike H,

I was banking on Cantwell to fuck things up from the democrat side.

Of coarse it wouldn't have mattered if it was her or the other dweebs in that party!

Hey we paid for that pizza too! They sure know how to waste money and time!

dcat said...

OT: …

Oh wait this is my place free association is just fine!

We have to keep on pushing! Never give up and never give in! This link sent by bg.

dcat said...


Mike H. said...

Scheuer has his head in places that he doesn't really want it in. It gets stinky in there.

dcat said...

A yup! This is true Mike H!

Mike H. said...

Tom C. for President!

dcat said...

Yeah let him deal with the democraps!

BrianFH said...

AHA is a gem. It's really great to see people like this pop up out of the chaos.