Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yep! I was going to do it anyways!!! IF I SEE IT I WILL REPORT IT!!!

John Doe Will Get Protection!

It seems that, after a lot of pressure by Republicans, the final Homeland Security bill will include protection for citizens who report suspicious behavior to authorities from being sued for their speaking up.
After nearly a week of intense, behind-the-scenes wrangling, congressional negotiators late Tuesday agreed to include in the pending Sept. 11 security bill sweeping liability protections for citizens who report suspicious activity they fear might be linked to terrorism.The provision is meant to address the so-called "Flying Imams" case, wherein six Muslim clerics sued passengers aboard a Northwest flight in March who reported them to authorities, leading to their detention. The clerics were cleared but their lawsuit, many lawmakers feared, would discourage future vigilance among the flying public.

All the Major blogs and this information was found at Betsy's page.

I loved the way she said: “After a lot of pressure by Republicans! YEAH AND I WAS ONE OF THEM REPUBLICANS SCREAMING!!!

Oh that felt good and for those of you that got my wrath, you should have felt the same way as I did! Maybe you did but you sure didn’t show it!!! The low life will go down in flames now!

It's time to wakie up democraps you far left loons!!! THEY DON'T HAVE THOSE RIGHTS WHEN THEY ARE TERRORISTS!!! YA MORONS!!!

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