Monday, July 23, 2007

To Belmont Readers

Get my drift now!?!


dcat said...


I find crazy ass marzouq muslim rather precarious. So don’t pay attention to the little nothing. There are plenty of these loser type men desperate for any attention what so ever. He is probably fat and smelly scratching his ass about now saying: “Allah! When, is she going to post my comment!?!”

It’s nice that you and I have real men in our lives and they are “real men”! Not like these little asswipes running rampant on line with their shorts up their ass in desperation!

Huh! I bet his little time bomb is just ticking away.

This is how these slime buckets operate. As you well know he is phishing at the wrong blog. He is nothing but a little predator. He does not have a life and it’s just that obvious!

BTW: What a great picture Skye!

dcat said...

GWB did nail it!

Looks like the panty waste's are trying another dry run!