Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Now there is an IDEA for wearing the buibui!

Heh as I talk about going underground Joanne comes up with a good one!

Maybe our women’s movement is doing that same thing LOL! :D :D :D

*click here*

It reminds me of that old man in laugh in LOL

"hey sweety you wanna have some fun!"

Makes me want to put on an old mans outfit and harass the black cows when spotted at Costco :D :D :D

I gotta make sure the old man of hers is in produce or the book section. Then put on a black crow costume and harass him problem with that is with my luck he would take me up on it and oh then I would have to to kill it!

OK! LOL :D :D :D

Great plan Joanne!

Oh and the end of the season for as the stomach turns!

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