Tuesday, September 19, 2006

To The Muslim World

Turn your back on the extremists!

I feel today’s speech by Commander and Chief George W. Bush was good but I like the cowboy in this man! He was much too mild for me today. But surprised to see his rating jumped up to 44%!

I guess you can get more bees with honey. I rather that he didn’t sound so passive! We are loosing so much of our rights to that passive crowed. My hearing goes off and the claws start to show! I don’t care for candy coating manure! In this case that would be Islam!

But I guess you have to have that BS degree to reach everyone including the loons!

I would like to see more moderate Muslims voices in the media against the extremists! Yes the moderates must turn their backs!!! Or be labeled right along with the extremists!

If the moderates don’t come forward they are against us that, is all I can see!


Mister Ghost said...

What's new pussy cat, meow, meow, meow. Fjordman has a nice essay on Moderate Muslims:


dcat said...

Is there now MG! I don’t believe it!
He is just one!

Show me your moderate Muslim backing the US!

Complements of Mr. Ghost

There I made it easy for fokes to click on. Thanks!

Mike's America said...

I don't know if we can rely on moderate muslims, but I don't see what choice we have.

At some point the so-called moderate muzzies have to use the influence that their overwhelming majority gives them, or they will be killed by the Islamic fascists along with the rest of us.

Many of the moderates have given us useful information that helped stop terrorist attacks.

P.S. I thought Bush's speech as great!

atheling2 said...


The Moderate Muslim is like the unicorn. A nice thought, but doesn't exist.

BB-Idaho said...

'The Moderate Muslim is like the unicorn. A nice thought, but doesn't exist.' President Bush appeared on CNN Wolf Blitzer today
and said he thought most Muslims
were moderate, the enemy he was concerned about were the leaders
who used that religion. Probably
why his ratings went up?

don said...

Finding a moderate Muslim is like trying to spell a four syllable word with your alphabet soup.

dcat said...

here Idaho go read and enlighten yourself!