Tuesday, September 12, 2006


You missed you assholes!

Claming to this job Al Qaeda!? You should be ashamed of the failed effort no? Ayman al-Zawairi is running out of time.

Al-Qaeda = death means nothing to them! So be it then.

Scare tactics don’t work with US anymore! Al Qaeda is being laughed at with their suicide missions. We know the weakness and will deal with Al Qaeda one by one if we have to! Blowing more smoke into the mirror is all they have now!

Rice praises Syrian agents for repelling attack on US Embassy

We need to keep on pummeling those slugs! GO TROOPS!

Snow: if we leave Iraq it will embolden terrorists.
There was no partisan discussion!

It’s the war on Terror! Idiots!


Indigo Red said...

One does not pummel slugs. One pours salt on them and they melt like the Wicked Witch. Not that all witches are wicked!

Zawahiri said the next really big attack would be in the ME. Maybe that was it.

dcat said...

Oh for God's sake Indigo I thought we left that argument at ITM years ago! LOL!

I'm the wicked witch of this blog!

And I say Zawahiri or supporters have no power here!

Mike H. said...

And furthermore, barbie collecting infidel, we will drain this thing that you call a sound so you cannot take waterfront walks. Waterfront walks are sinful, almost as sinful as watching football on television or listening to love songs on the radio from whence all the Holy voices come from (I think that there's something wrong with this picture but I don't quite know what). Be warned barbie collecting infidel we are watching (we are just down the block on the right, if you must know) be cairful. You may think that this is a joke but I have not quit my day job so be warned.

dcat said...

Bwahahahahaha football?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thanks for letting me know where you live! My M and I will be right over! My M is a 16! You can ingest the amo K!?

Mike H. said...


atheling2 said...

LOL. I still say that if they commit another terrorist act on our soil then we nuke Mecca.

God, give us a Presidential candidate who has the balls to do it. Please.

atheling2 said...

Alright, now where are you???

dcat said...

Right here going to post again :)