Monday, September 11, 2006

President Bush Addresses the Nation

On this fifth anniversary of 9/11 I wrote an email again. Yes the first was simply put: “NOW WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO!? Don’t cave like your father did!”

This was that night of 9-11 and then that night I sent the most powerful prayer ever! A chant!

It’s been five years and I am still casting and chanting! The letter written today was:

“Dear Commander and Chief George W. Bush,

Thank you for your action! I hope it gets passed to the next in line! I look forward to your speech tonight.

With much gratitude,

The heading of this email was: I Love You Mr. President! ^..^

Now I will say the same for our troops: “I love you and support all of you for fighting for our freedom.” That includes our Vietnam Vets and soldiers involved in other wars!

I think the citizens of the USA must realize that they may have to fight one day for the freedom we have but it will be too late! Let’s not let this happen people! Let’s press on!!!

We have to unite and fight this! Then we can talk about it! It is the right thing to do! We don’t need extremists to get any stronger!

The next in line will have to live up to this now! The bloggers will see to it! This is far from a political move! It isn't like he has another term! Next...

& now...
To the Terrorists:

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