Monday, September 04, 2006

Sailing Takes Me Away…

The trip was a success! I mean what a day! Nice weather gorgeous mansions to look at and admire. I realize too that hey our economy is doing just fine! I couldn’t get over all the flags and how patriotic people are here in Washington State! I know I call it liberal land but you know something? It is a beautiful state and it is my home! One of the hills here that I took a picture of is the hill we live on top of. So sit back and enjoy my day out on the waters of Lake Washington. Yes one of them is Bill’s home, the other Bruce McCaw one of the brothers that came up with the cellular empire. Craig lives on the other side of the Lake. He bought Kenny G’s home and we did go past however I was too busy at the time with conversation and drink in hand. Sorry.

If you want to see Bill's Gates home just click here.

Well looks like blogger is limiting my picture posting! Oh well. You get the idea though.

I had a wonderful day and made up my mind that I will continue to do so till I die! So take that Al-Quada and cronies!

Thank you to our armed forces!


Indigo Red said...

Wow! What Americans can do on a Starbucks caffiene high!

Anonymous said...

"I had a wonderful day and made up my mind that I will continue to do so till I die!"

I'm going to hold you to that, my love.

dcat said...

Yes and rub the nose in it on the way too! MY LOVE ;):D

dcat said...

Indigo the blog has been messing up I still have your comment it just didn't post it? Hmmmmm?