Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chavez Is A...

Well if I can’t say anything nice I best not say anything at all! You all know me by now right? If not you haven’t come here long enough!

This is not a beautiful site! I'm not into candy coating shit! It is a site that is strait from my heart! Chavez is a prick and he is only out for himself! He would like that control of Islam in his country with himself being in charge!

Why didn’t anyone come to our rescue when we were attacked? Sure it wasn’t their Twin Towers or their Pentagon! They were thinking, ‘good now USA will get a taste of what we all been putting up with!

These other counties are too chicken shit to do anything about it! The ones in power in these counties only crave that control and the rewards of the people working for their corrupted ways! Venezuela loves America only for places like Disneyworld. The higher powers are enjoying starving their people for more military. Look at North Korea.

Oh and I’m not done with Islam either!!! For those countries supporting terrorists such as possibly Venezuela take a gander at this:
Answering Islam enjoy this little fun FYI! You too BB Idaho! No little Bucker Boo it is because he gave a calm speech so that people like yourself would grasp at what we are fighting. Some not all of the left bag group is finally seeing the light! That is why his ratings are up!

KISS MY ASS!!! ^..^


Mister Ghost said...

It was Lunatic Fringe week at the UN as I said - there was even Lahoud from Lebanon holding up a picture of Green Helmet Man.

I endorse DCat's Cat for President in 2008.

atheling2 said...

He's opening a door to Islam to South America, dcat. Raul Castro is in cahoots too.

Time to take out Iran's nuke program. Now.

dcat said...

Hey atheling2

Yes and you know there will be honor among thieves! NOT!

dcat said...

I wouldn’t want that job Mr. Ghost.
Too many ass holes to deal with!

MDConservative said...

“It was Lunatic Fringe week at the UN…”

I wish it was that. But when you have something like 2/3 of the body of the UN in the “Non-Aligned” movement applauding Ahmni-Jihad and Chavez… That is not fringe, that is majority! I despise the UN, they should be honest in their “charter” and just change it:

“to promote the peaceful fall, or violent end of the United States of America by doing everything possible to drown it in UN crap. Allah Akbar, death to America. (PS-America while we do our job on your soil please continue to pay the majority of our bills, thanks and toodles!)

LJG aka Pennsylvania Independent said...

Boycott CITGO gasoline and petroleum products. They are owned by Chavez.

dcat said...

Not a bad idea Pennsylvania!

Except I live in the Pacific North West! I don’t get my gas from them!m So it should be easy for me to boycott.

It will also hurt a lot of working people here in the USA. I am not against businesses just those that are terrorist backers!

I don’t drink French wine either!