Saturday, September 09, 2006

Combating Terrorism

Combating manual for terrorism

Do you think the moon bats will read this? I doubt it! They don't even want to see the 9-11 Movie. For the moon bats it's called the head in the sand syndrome!

The new AQ tape showed kick boxing and what not on how tough they are. Poor CNN is still cowering in a corner over it.

On the AQ kick boxing and Martial arts:

(They will spin themselves right into a grave!)
One: What poor form!
Two: No real control in kicks.

Terrorists will lose if they come up against an American that carries. American's that carry will simply pull out a gun and shoot em!

Oh and don’t talk to the psychopath’s! Just keep an eye on em and be ready to take em down!


Mike H. said...

Dcat, I'm reminded of the scene in Radiers of the Lost Ark where the protaganist is face to face with a warrior with two sharp knives who is twirling them with precision and dexterity, and Indiana pulls out a pistol and shoots him. So much for precision and dexterity.

dcat said...

LOL Mike H,

That was exactly what I was thinking of! :D

Mike's America said...

If the Moonbats and Clinton kool aid drinkers had spent have as much time combating terrorism as they have opposing the "Path to 9/11" we never would have been struck on September 11th.

These loons still think that Bush is a greater threat than the terrorists.

dcat said...

I know Mike,
Isn't that form of thinking like a drug dependent crowed or what!? The loons must be drinking the higher grade of kool aid these days.

I was sent a site with clips from the movie and when I got to the clips they disappeared. Mike H sent me this sight and one moonbat started to scream isn’t anything sacred anymore? I say: “Common you losers we don’t turn our back on those that have perished! We remember them and the truth behind it all! Or is the truth too damn painful for you and your Clinton groupies!?”

At any rate Mike I decided to get out of there before I got sick of the moonbats. We should all just drive them, nuts by moderating them! It’s like they don’t have anything of importance to say anyhow!

Bob said...


dcat said...

Common Bob don't be shy :D

Bob said...

The battle of Vienna

Interesting dates

dcat said...

Yes and I summated the Grand Teton September 11 and on the twelfth I was at the top enjoying the view.

This was the anniversary of my fathers death!

I know the out come Bob. ^..^