Sunday, September 10, 2006

Screams from Terrorists and Terrorist Supporters You Mean?

Update new email from Indigo Red: 9/11/06

Bush 'Death' Film: Placing a Target on the President?
By Roger Friedman
Dcat -
As a former, President, why isn't Clinton protesting this film showing the assassination of President Bush?

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That is a damn good "?" Indigo!

Love those political emails Mike H! Keep em coming!

No Pasaran Had an interesting post

I had to forward this one and got a wonderful email from Mike's America:

That’s just too bad for those terrorists. They complained about the panty-raid frap party version of “torture” and now they are getting the real thing.

Well guess what? I don’t care. I hope the Iraqis take each one of these monsters out and shoot them. Take the mass graves where we have removed the remains of babies, infants and small children murdered by Saddam while their parents looked on and dump them in there with poisonous snakes.



In the article they are talking about the terrorists being hanged, so capital punishment is back in vogue again. I have very little sympathy for them, they achieved their biggest desire, getting rid of the Crusaders. How does one say it? "So be it!"Mike H.

Dcat: I don’t care either!” What fools! You know the loons will be out in droves here now if they get wind of this one. The Lalalalalalalala Mememememememe nala crowed screaming “why aren’t we helping them!” You know human rights and all!

Who me evil? I don’t think so I just knew this would happen and was waiting for it to surface so that I could rub the crazy little loon’s faces in it!

Hey Chris ass and Anon along with the rest of the kool aid drinkers! What were you saying? Because I DON’T CARE!

Welcome to the 9-11 anniversary terrorists! Paybacks are HELL!

9-11 clips


andrea/pj's said...

here here!!!!!!

Mike H. said...

I'll agree Andy.

Mike's America said...

Did you watch the Path to 9/11?

I don't know what all the fuss was about.

Anyone who read the 9/11 Commission Report knows that Clinton/Berger screwed up the multiple attempts to capture bin Laden.

Maybe that's why the lefties wanted to stop the film. So many of those weanies have been screaming "WHERE'S BIN LADEN?"

I'll just tell them to ask that question to Bill Clinton.

Oh, and I had another moonbat saying that "BUSH LIED" about not torturing prisoners to get information after his speech last week.

I reminded him that the methods used were determined to be legal and that the information we uncovered stopped multiple attacks and saved thousands of lives.

I asked the nut if he would be happier if his mother or father was on one of those planes and went down because we did NOT find out about the plots in time.

dcat said...

Mike I'm watching it now. As for the nut. Tell him to go drink more kool aid!