Sunday, September 17, 2006

Al-Queada Is Pope Bashing Now?!

Going after Pope Benedict for an apology is a quagmire! The Pope definitely spoke the truth not saying too much for Islam!


Sheesh! What more can come out of Al-Queada and the delusional Islam? I bet they have a hat full! Nothing but: “Let’s kill the Pope” “let’s behead him!” This is your religion of peace talking!

Islam religion of Peace?

I say in a pig’s eye! I am more against the Islamic religion and any form of radical religion now more then ever! How dare anyone conduct a hate so horrible to take another’s life just because of belief! Now we just have to arm ourselves even more because of the threats made.

I tell you this! If you want to be a friend of mine you have to accept me for who I am! I will not threaten you. But you give me any reason that my life is in any danger. I will take you out! This attitude should be for all of the American people regardless of party!

Islam you are like going down alright!
The Papers in the future will read: “Remember when… Just like the dinosaur age!


atheling2 said...

Those Islamic pig scumbags have already murdered an elderly Catholic nun. Shot her in the back. Just like a coward would.

I despise them. Makes me want to buy a Koran and wipe my ass with it.

dcat said...

Let's do it! It will be fun! :)

Um will I brake out in a rash with it though? ;)

I'll do a spell thingy and post it for Halloween! Thanks for the idea!

Indigo Red said...

I truly believe the entire West need sto apologize for the remarks made by the Pope and make restitutiion.

We should get all of our bombers ready then fly over every Mulim nartion dropping pork chops.

dcat said...

I will never grovel Indigo!

But can I be in the bomber dropping?!

MDConservative said...

"But you give me any reason that my life is in any danger. I will take you out!"

I wish more had that mindset! You cannot be friends with people that wish to kill you. It is a pretty simple concept that eludes many people.

dcat said...


You know I will have to add you now don't you!!! :)

Welcome aboard!

atheling2 said...


Dropping pork chops? Nah, how about a mushroom cloud? Right over Mecca?

That'll give them something to be really upset about.

Tom C said...

See!!! I told you all I'm not the only one that wants to nuke Mecca!

Anonymous said...

As soon as the Muslims apologize to every nation in the world where they have perpetrated terrorist attacks, they can start asking for others to apologize.

dcat said...

Tom C,

You got that right!

dcat said...


Ya think!? Like that's gonna happen anytime soon!

MDConservative said...

Don, that would be the way things SHOULD go. Will they... hmmmm.

(Thanks. Just added you over at CIR, dcat. Don't count on much increase in traffic though.) :)

atheling2 said...

tom c:

You're not the only one. More and more people I know are muttering the same thing. They are fed up. We need to make our anger and threats loud and evident to Muslims that we are considering the nuclear option. They need to be afraid of us. I'm fed up with us being on the defensive all of the time. What would the Islamofascist bullies do if we threatened to nuke Mecca? Back down. They are emboldened by our apparent fear and weakness and we have to start showing some fangs. When a Muslim hits you, you have to hit him back harder. They only respect strength.

dcat said...


Thanks you too :)