Sunday, May 30, 2010

USS Redhook ;)


No Allen you aren't alone!

So there!
So you don’t fucking call me a racist you left wing liberal, socialist, Marxist wing nuts!!!


Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
This is not a happy Memorial Day.
All hell is about to break loose in the Middle East.

And the worst President in American history to oversee it.

Well for this Memorial Day remember Peter Salem.

Who is Peter Salem you ask?

He was there at Lexington and Concord at the start of the American Revolution.

And he stood in the forefront at Breed's Hill when volley after British volley from warships in Boston Harbor tore up the hill. Then an army of 2,500 Redcoats stormed the hill, drums beating, Union Jacks unfurled.

It was such a frightening scene that some of his fellow Colonists ran away.

But Peter Salem stood his ground and fired and fired... The British stormed and re-stormed the hill.
More of the Colonists fled as gunsmoke wafted around them.

Major Pitcairn, who was one of the British commanders was leading the charge and heard to yell out after seeing many of the Americans disordered and dispersed,

"The Day Is Ours" while rallying the British troops.

And then he was shot dead by Peter Salem.

After the battle, Peter Salem returned to his master.

He was a slave.

He was likely America's first Black American war hero.

dcat said...

All hell is breaking out here too Mr G! Only people are too FUCKED UP to see it!!!

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Donna,
Madness abounds everywhere here in the US too.
And won't become better until we acquire some non PC leadership.
But here's one of a different variety:

American cage fighter 'rips out still-beating heart of training partner after fearing he was possessed by the devil'

He was evidently channeling his inner Aztec priest after taking hallucinogenic shrooms.

Joanne said...

I cannot stand Obama as well; I am glad to see a real American who is running for Congress not mince his words.

Your first loyalty should be to God and then country, because your country will never be great without God at the helm.

Allen West should run for President. God Bless him.

I can't wait until Pelosi gets her ass handed to her on a one way ticket out of the House. And as for Barney Franks, he should stand trial for helping bring America to her financial knees.

Mister Ghost - I saw that news article yesterday - WTH! Lock that guy up and throw away the key, or just hang him.

dcat said...

You know what will happen don’t you!

Liberal ass lawyers and cronies to coddle the criminal will come out in droves just like with CAIR!

You heard about the BS with ground zero! Ugh talk about the twist and turns the assholes try and pull!!!

dcat said...

BTW Joanne,

I liked this comment that you made at the other place too! :+:

With Allen West running America, waterboarding would be child's play. It would be nice to see America led by a real man, and not the pussies running the show at the moment.