Saturday, May 01, 2010

Collage degree and all still are stupid!

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Two Brooklyn men have been arrested and charged with trying to help Al Qaeda terrorists, federal law enforcement officials said.

While the men are charged with providing material support for terrorism, in court papers prosecutors said the men were planning a "crime of terrorism against the United States, US citizens and residents of the US." But officials stress there was no active plot targeting New York or any other U.S. city at this time.

Wesam El-Hanafi of Bath Beach, and Sabirhan Hasanoff provided "material support or resources" to Al Qaeda, according to an indictment unsealed today. The two men agreed to provide "computer advice and assistance, services and currency" to Al Qaeda. El-Hanafi is also accused of accepting $50,000 from a contact overseas.

Read the full indictment here.

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