Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I’m on vacation!

A true story!

This happened on Saturday. We were enjoying our deck and sipping wine after a walk on the beach. Our wonderful Springer was by our side. She was the social butterfly! We met a lady walking by with her black lab puppy. We chatted and our Springer played with her new found friend.

She quickly brought up the fact she would not stay here and next door to us they wanted four hundred dollars a night! I said we wouldn’t mind staying there but they don’t allow dogs. However we are going over for a dinner one night. I found she wasn’t staying here and I thought “the nerve to walk on the property’s grass in front of our place”! I did tell her this was a great place. She said she is staying back where it isn’t so expensive. Then she said staying here would feed …(my hearing went off at this point and I have no idea how many people in a family it would feed in a week!) I said well that is what vacations are for! At least for those of us that work for it!

I asked her how much did it cost her to drive here and you still had to pay to stay someplace. I guess if one stayed home and gave it all to charity one could feel better about themselves! (Back, at her!)

I’m really getting tired of socialist liberals!!! I gave someone a job staying here idiot! Oh well stupid does what stupid is! Another dip trying to tell me what to do with MY money!

I guess my story was more of a sighting! LOL

Ok here is another one from someone I know:
There is no truth in liberalism. There whole agenda only works if its's peddled as a lie. They pervert and distort every aspect of reality. They are delusional and borderline sociopaths.

My response to some asshole blogger that was spewing a bunch of left wing canned propaganda and name calling BS on one of the news blogs.

I’m really tired of these imbeciles that think they are privileged and profess to be saving the world by driving hybrid cars. I am quite certain that I paid a lot more in road tax and property taxes than the morons’ propagating this idiocy. That would make my claims to those segregated parking spots as valid as anyone else’s. Oh yes, you leftist morons don’t believe in discrimination or segregation, unless of course it’s for your particular agenda.

You are the most ridiculous group of asinine hypocrites ever to grace the planet earth. Why don’t you move to China and live the worker’s paradise life that you deserve. Quit living off the productive work output of others. Only someone as ignorant as you would willingly vote for a communist, muslim, born in Africa (not eligible for the office) candidate for a president. Did you not know these facts? Did you just ignore them and vote your socialist party line because you can’t have a cognitive thought of your own? It’s grossly apparent that you don’t have the intellectual capacity to investigate the evidence yourself? Will you feign ignorance when this is all confirmed publicly?

That’s what all the idiot left wing acquaintances I know are saying now. ‘I din knowd he was a communist, a muslim, and he was bornd in Africa’. Eyes wide shut and brain turned off the day you graduated from high school. Did you graduate from high school?

You believe you are entitled to special privileges like green parking spaces or a free ride on the back of society, free health care, and free abortions for everyone that is too irresponsible to keep their legs together or use birth control. Your perverse logic is all about ‘what’s in it for me’, not ‘what can I do to improve the society I live in’.

You’re nothing but a bunch of spoiled, malcontent rejects that spend all your time denigrating the nation you live in, the greatest nation in the history of human kind. You make us patriotic Americans sick to our stomachs. Try acting that way in Russia or China or any other communist paradise. Instead of running around with black nail polish, tattoos and pins through your noses try doing something constructive to contribute to society. Try getting an education and becoming a doctor or an engineer instead of pandering to the government for free handouts.

Stay out of everyone else’s business. Do something constructive or go somewhere that wants citizen parasites. Our country is already at the breaking point from parasitic infestation. A living healthy host can only support a fixed number of parasites. Beyond that point the host dies and so does the parasite. If you want yourself and this nation to end up like the other third world communist dung holes on the planet then keep voting for your perverted left wing sycophants.

I’ll bet you’ve never done a single constructive, contributory act in your life. Your entire existence probably consists of spewing vulgar anti conservative rants. The people of our nation are utterly fed up with the dictatorial socialist BS that’s emanating from Washington DC. In November we are going to retake this country. The hard working, God fearing people of this country are fed up with your party’s pathetic diatribe. God willing this whole Obama debacle will be the death knell of the Socialist Democratic Party once and for all.

Sycophant: crawler, yes man, slave, parasite, clinger, hanger-on, sponger, brown-noser, ass-kisser, bootlicker.


Oh and while I'm on vacation here is a message from RG: TRUE!

Colonel Allen West Answers a Marine's Question


Time to expose!

Looky here, another democrat politician caught lying about 'his tour in Viet Nam'. They're all a bunch of pathological liars. The main stream press thinks that's ok though. What do you think?

Candidate’s Words on Vietnam Service Differ From History

This is what makes me proud!

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Wade Moline said...

Nice rant and all true, unfortunately.