Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Faisal Shahzad has confessed

Oh thank heavens! I thought us horrible TEA party Republicans did it!

Now that Faisal confessed...WHAT! We just gonna slap his hands and let em go liberals? After all its thier culture! We are the big bad Americans...lalalamememeLA!

YOU KNOW DAMN WELL the apple cart of islam are rotten!

You bet the left racist lovers of socialism were hoping that it would be someone from the mad TEA party group! "Yes I'm a mind reader too!" I have learned that liberals think they know what we Republicans are thinking! Maybe some grandmother that was holding a sign at one of those TEA parties did it, would be a liberal thought! I am sure of it!

Ok liberals, so now are you gonna get your head out of your ass or stay in that safe place forever?

I heard from some of the bloggers that he was someone that became an American and was a registered Democrat! Oh BTW and of course "donated to Obama" campaign for presidency! That should make all of you liberals proud!

Ok, so then not only are they in our back yard they are all in office! Bowing to them while handing our country to them on a silver platter!!!

We have these idiot enablers, making excuses for the cronies! They were looking to see what group and you, know if it was a TEA person that did it, you bet it would be all over the place!!!

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So now that you liberals are all wrong can you see what is going on here! We are giving up our freedom little by little. Get some balls and fight like hell now! We really are going to need everyone in this fight for our freedom!

Oh BTW TOO I'm drawing that prophet muhammad MAY 20! YOU CAN COUNT ON IT!

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