Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Without My Daughter

The rebuttal on this movie on line is so fun to see. Guess what? I still don’t believe a word islamics have to say about this movie!

I see that the old man was still looking for his daughter. Why? 'Because he had her sold to his cousin?

Those people are strange even the educated ones. They just think of more cover up words to fool you! Go look on line and find out about the iranian clothing police. Click Here

Then see the trailir

Oh and look what I found!
Click HERE and Click HERE

Oh but now they have their own lawyers here! They are here working against our rights and our freedom!!! Nice try Betty!

Obama is upset that the internet is giving out too much truth that he can’t handle by his bullshit rebuttals! He wants us to just sit down and shut up! Well no we aren’t going to do that!

Another thing! Drug and human slavery not to mention all the killings of OUR AMERICANS! Yeah Arizona did the right thing!

Pelosi needs to stick with the separation of church and state!

The ones in California that were against the cross and took it down need to answer to the Vets that want it there and fought for it under GOD! You know about the three-foe? They who took down the cross best, be afraid! Be very afraid!

NO Obama I still don’t respect islam! (May 20th is draw the prophet muhammad day so don’t forget!)

Every young person should see the movie: “Not without my daughter”.

That movie was enough to turn me off to anyone from the Middle East. I don’t give a crap how much money and power ya got! When my freedom is much more important!

I was twenty one when I knew this was happening! Obama you were only a sixteen year old punk with shit for brains! So don’t tell me to respect this back ass cult! Because I WON'T!

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