Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss, America?

Try Miss, immigrant!!!

She came here as a baby! That makes her an immigrant and a muslim!

Oh yeah she went to a Catholic school alright! Remember that they will drink with you and dress in a bikini just to fool you! Allah said it is ok to deceive the infidel! Do whatever it takes to overcome them! They will keep this up just to show us whistle blowers that we are wrong! Just do me a favor and keep an eye on em and don’t let up the guard!

I see how the game is played by the bias! ‘We will make you Miss America only if you agree to our socialist liberal ways!

Oh and about that boycott of Arizona… I’m boycotting the socialist liberal left!

You know what I think about Miss America, is that it is a farce! It is demeaning, to every woman on this planet! Just like islam law is! But I see there are some just too plain stupid to see it! So I just need to ignore them until it effects my way of life then look out honey you are done!!!

It would be fine, if immigrants would come here legally and put into our system. However they aren’t putting into anything! The ones coming here illegally are draining, the system dry! Arizona is going bankrupt, because of the free loaders! How can you say it is unconstitutional, when they are here illegally!?

Yet we have fine people that do come here and work very hard. Those that come here illegally are putting, egg on the faces of those hard workers that come here legally! Again the socialist liberals can’t seem to grasp that concept!

I’m planning to do all my shopping from on line stores from Arizona! I would like to go there sometime too! I’ll stay at only the best because I don’t believe in destroying a part of my home here in America! I do plan on destroying the socialist liberal morons! Just keep it up stupid!

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Everything I learned about islam was on 9-11

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