Sunday, June 01, 2008

Democrats need to vote for America!

Yeah and then we have the staunch democrats that are ready to give America to the Hezbollah Jihads!!! Just because they think their party is the best no matter if a thug is on the ticket!!! Damn them! Because they are not Americans!

I am praying that folks on the democratic side see the light!

This gal is a smart cookie she sees it:

When asked:"Would you sit out?"
"No I am voting McCain. Are you kidding me? Obama is not getting into the White House. I am not an idiot. When you tell me enough bad news about someone I start to panic. Suddenly it's not about being a Democrat, it's about being an American. It's about preserving the United States of the America. And I flew in from California for one reason, I am afraid of what's happening right now."

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Joanne said...

I wonder if Michelle and Barack will write her off as just a typical whitey.