Saturday, June 21, 2008

LOL Alright! An Obama Cartoon!

Rezko Watch Hot List Hat tip to bg : )

Update 6/22/08: clicky, clicky here! Hat tip bg and yeah I caught it!

Obama we are not afraid of YOU! So stop squealing the race card! It’s the other shit that is hitting the fan that have us concerned and now you are the one that is afraid!

Your race has nothing to do with it you JACKASS!!!

Here is the story on the arrogant ass!

Oh yes I am insulted as an American by this moron!

Indigo Red @ further adventures has a lot to say as well! No it isn’t going away! It’s my right for you to acknowledge I am not an infidel and other such horrible names dropped at me! YOU PC PEOPLE are going to PAY!!! We will come right back at ya!

Hey obama this is the correct seal you MORON!


Anonymous said...

How about an illustration of him dancing on Wright, Rezko, Farrakan, his grandmother, Richardson,etc with his partners Kerry, Dean, Pelosi, Fat Ted and Michelle Onassis?

dcat said...

LOL after all they are all assholes too!

dcat said...

Obama is going to start with the race card again and say that the republicans are raciest!

What a looser using a crutch when he doesn’t need one because folks are finding out and now he is panicking!

Don’t worry when he falls real hard that is when he will be using a crutch! The only reason he would win is that the Muslim community wants him for the sole fact that we will be the minorities and it won’t be ok to be a Christian or a non believer! Obama will be their puppet right here in the good ole USA!

Oh and the Witches will once again be burned at the stake!

Wake up AMERICA! Our freedom is at stake here!

Indigo Red said...

What Obama did was nothing short of pre-emptive race baiting. To insinuate through the sobriquet of 'Republicans' that John McCain would resort to racial charges is ludicrous. John McCain has an adopted Asian child and has withstood race baiting for years, most recenetly from the last Bush presidential campaign. McCain has neither said nor done anything to deserve such treatment. Barack Obama should be ashamed, but, alas, he's shown time and again he has none.

dcat said...

You are right about him like many, many more fine Americans are!

I gotta go see what you have now :)

Keep up the good work Indigo!:+:

Slave Revolt said...

Call Obama names all you want--even use the word 'nigger' (we know you rightwingers use it).

But when Obama is President of the United States, and you try any type of murderous plotting, we will take you down like in a split second.

You are not patriots--your let others fight your wars and you exploit your fellow country men and women.

Parasites is a more apt description for your vile, unpatriotic behavior.

dcat said...

Excuse me!

Yo asshole!

I never used the n word and you are a jihad I got that and it is you that you practice Marxism and probably are a socialist rolled up into a ball of hate because you have nothing to lose! Go and get yourself into a detox-clinic before you blow yourself up!

And I know your kind will when even the blacks see Obamas ass is showing under that skirt! Furthermore go fuck yourself because then it may relieve some of that horrible hate you have for humanity!

God I love Bill Cosby at least he is smarter then some in that gene pool!

Mike H. said...

Slave revolt, you had better be very good at taking people down. You know what gun control means? You simpering idiot.

Don't let your mouth overload your ass.

BTW, I counted the times that the n word was used and only came up with once, in your comment, bigot.

The Griper said...

slave revolt,
"You are not patriots--your let others fight your wars and you exploit your fellow country men and women."

nah, dcat and others like her don't let others fight their wars for them. they just ally themselves with the troops by fighting their enemies on the home front. they just are using different weapons than the troops are. that is called watching their backs in fighting terms.

they are also those who raised over a million dollars for the troops because they supported their efforts. how much have you given to show your support?

but it is obvious that you are for the war in afghanistan but i don't see you over there risking your life in that war either. so you got nuttin' to say without declaring your hypocrisy of principles or lack of them.