Sunday, June 08, 2008

Finnish bloger sentenced for two years and 7 months

Why I like it! I think it should be on everyones web page that hate honor killings and degrading of women! Any religion that has this much hate for women should be made fun of and ostracized!!!

Hat tip to: Infidels Blogger's Alliance

Update: I see the light! Unfortunately for him this is all over the web and people should pay close attention no matter the party affiliation! Will our freedom of speech be affected? Obama said if things got ugly he would stand with the Muslims! What not the USA?! hmmmm!


Mike H. said...

It's no longer traitorous to give your country away. Look at fonda and soros, although, it isn't his country, he just moved here so he could help destroy it with the help of the democratic party.

dcat said...

I think you are on to something Mike H!

I bet we start having a war in our country very soon! As soon as obaaabaaa (thinks he will be elected) takes our guns away!