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I Don’t Need a Muslim Photo to Tell Me!

The truth is I have a gift and it comes to me soon as I meet someone. If I read I am able to detect with the slightest word. If I see any body language of someone I can tell if they are really trying hard to fool people or not.

Sometimes people will do the stupidest thing to confirm my vitiations. It’s done without saying a word or lifting a finger sometimes. Others out there find the right moment I just project will happen. Walla! Thank you Gateway Pundit!

I ask for truth and it appears. I thank God for that gift every day.
Now go and read the other wonderful blogs I won’t hold you here with flowery globally goo. ;)

Mr. Taqiyyah is hard @ work! Do enjoy that read!

Oh and nanc now I am kissing Gateway's ankles LOL...

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“But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.” Matthew 24:43

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."

- Patrick Henry

The vigilant, the active and the brave. Who among us have not considered those qualities as residing permanently somewhere within simply because we are Americans? Have we not responded in war and peace in manners consistent with Patrick Henry's observation? Can we not all claim connection to those Colonial patriots who presented us with our freedom and liberty because we have always proved willing to go in harm's way in defense of that freedom?

That is what will be examined here, for we are being tested once more by our political leaders. This time against an abstract they call Terror. And because this war continues to have a profound impact on the freedom Colonial Americans fought for and presented to posterity, it is time to look closely to see if that freedom, the freedom our political leaders tell us we are defending, is still a reality today.

This is not a war argument. This is an attempt to learn why, during the last six decades, with few notable exceptions, the National characteristic of vigilance has been increasingly unable to shift into "the active, the brave" part of the quotation as American Ideals come under incessant attack. When did the will of the People, the power behind the concept of checks and balances, get neutralized?

The statist argument against a civilian militia is, the militia evolved into the National Guard of the individual States. If you think in their terms, follow their logic, and ignore Article 1, Section 10, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, the matter is closed. Documents abound to provide supportive evidence that evolution is what happened to the militia.

But what is the truth about the militia? What was the idea behind the Second Amendment?

Whatever happened to the militia?

Unlike most of our modern leaders, those who birthed our Nation held sacred their belief in the rights of the individual.

Including the right of the individual to be armed and organized.

A well-regulated Militia, as the Second Amendment demands, makes it clear that the militia was not to be a rabble. It was to be well, regulated. Systematic. Part of a system. Back then the system was on a short leash and closely watched by a sovereign citizenry with a ready supply of buckets of tar and bags of feathers.

being necessary to the security of a free State, a State created with a purpose consistent with the well-being of It's sovereign Citizens and watchful of tyrants. The sovereign Citizens were the State. And if the militia force was put under the control of a State it must be remembered that State would not exist without the cooperation and will of the People.

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. If, in any ensuing confrontations with a tyrannical force, the people would best defend themselves when they have weapons available to them.

Our Founder's crowning works, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, have inspired people worldwide for more than two centuries. But one can read any part of the volumes of work they left behind and realize the majority of Founders would rather have stuck an Early American fork into each other's forehead than diminish the power they recognized in the people.

That prevailing belief in the sovereignty of the individual fueled the colonial citizen’s determination to realize their dreams of freedom and prosperity. The bloody trail that marked their passage to Valley Forge that winter of 1777 also measured the individual’s commitment to the lofty ideals of their leaders.

The Spirit of young America jumped from paper to harsh reality because it was protected and defended by the men and women of the militia. Those individuals who put their belief in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the line.

In 1776, when equality was proclaimed a birthright and maintaining firm control over government a duty, the citizens were attentive. They set the standard for future generations to live up to.

In the one hundred and thirty seven years that followed, attention started to drift. Two hundred and thirty two years later it's a full blown case of A-D-D.

We have sat too long, smugly believing that the sacrifices and achievements of the brave men and women of our Revolution are some kind of permanent security blanket protecting us forever from tyranny. We wave our flags at the right time during the Independence parade and cheer at the appropriate moment during the speeches and then head to the picnic bench with nary a consideration about the reality of our sovereign situation.

Yet, with every passing Fourth of July celebration we get further and further from the more perfect Union.

The Country barely a nation, It's vision replaced with tv
The people, July 4th uh-merkins, we can party so we must be free
How did this happen, this mirage, that we watch kill the liberty tree
The cynically cool, the globalists tool, my friend it is you it is me.

When schemers take dreamers and make them all mummers
And the rest of us wait for our turn, in the sideshow we think is the big top
We are schooled but it's not so we learn. It's a masque and for sure
It requires a cure from the sponsors who brought us to this,
Manipulation and lies served with poison they rise
To rule us a nation of twits.

We get what's deserved when we haven't the nerve nor the sense to reclaim our birth might But step idly aside from the oncoming tide and ignore wrongs when told they are rights.
You might think there's no choice, well, before you rejoice
And dismiss me as one more maroon, can you honestly say at the end of the day
Hey, I like what those bastards are doin'?
I don't mind the Chinese can do what they please
With the white house and conga-ress, too
And what's to be said when the food we are fed
Can also kill insects. It's true!
Here in this great land of plenty it's the law that majority rules
but past elections confirm, every time, every term
we're mostly dispensable tools.

A man may not always recognize a test but he'll always know when he fails it.

So just what does being a Sovereign citizen mean? According to Webster's New World Dictionary, sovereign is an adjective defined as 1. above or superior to all others; chief; greatest; supreme 2. supreme in power, rank, or authority 3. of or holding the position of ruler; royal; reigning 4. independent of all others ( a sovereign state) 5. excellent; outstanding 6. as a cure or remedy.

According to the Webster's dictionary, the politicians have it bass-ackwards.

And according to the Constitution, those bass-ackward public servants have no authority to limit our freedom, nor our sovereignty. No one does. And yet, since that fateful September Eleventh, our Sovereignty has been under attack by our own public servants.

Within six weeks following that dreadful day, federal officials yanked the USA PATRIOT Act out of committee and had Congress rubber stamp its passage with barely a second glance. Only sixty-six members of the House (including one Republican Presidential hopeful, Ron Paul R-TX) (1) and one Senator (Russ Feingold D-WI.) voted against its passage.

Included in the USA PATRIOT Act were provisions that hammered our Constitutional rights like Red Norvo (2) worked the xylophone, taking from us, section by capitalized section, our Heritage:

* Sections 213-216 allowed for easier searches and surveillance, eliminated that pesky 'probable cause' and enabled the Executive branch of government to have the final say about who gets targeted.

* Sections 505-507 allowed telephone, financial and credit record checks, included the Secret Service on the list of 'those who can' and spilled over the Constitutional boundaries by including all of us in 'the usual suspects' category.

* Section 802 made it possible to call political protesters domestic terrorists.

The USA PATRIOT Act was followed in short order by the McCain-Feingold Bi-Partisan Campaign Reform Act which included prohibitions on criticizing incumbents by anyone other than official media outlets for thirty to sixty days prior to an election.

Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003, otherwise known as PATRIOT II, includes section 501 which empowers the Executive branch to declare someone a domestic terrorist (with no guidelines) and strip that someone of their citizenship.

There was an attempt to outlaw 'grassroots activity' in 2006 that failed. Undeterred, as usual, a year later our leaders tried to define and target their perceived threats with the National Commission On The Prevention Of Violent Radicalization And Ideologically Based Violence.

Currently, the Real ID Act (3) is a real concern. Without a Real ID you could be a nobody. Or worse, someone's somebody.

The Real ID Act is allegedly about making life in America difficult for the illegal invaders. But its real genius is in the application of yet another federal version of the carrot and stick routine. It will track and collate all Real ID bearers incessantly.

If you think there is a better way to encourage the illegal invaders to go back where they came from, like prosecuting employers, call your State and Federal Representatives and tell them. It sounds like they can use a dose of common sense.

With a nod to Winston Churchill, it seems safe to say, never before have so few attempted to take so much from so many.

And guess what? They're not just going to give it back. We have to take it back.

We must protect our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have to trust the path the Founders blazed is still ours to take, knowing in our hearts it still leads the way to a more perfect Union.

We, not the statist forces, are the keepers of our freedom. And we, the People, are tasked with safeguarding it.

If we continue to surrender our power piecemeal to would-be tyrants, if we continue to act like subjects instead of Sovereigns, if we continue to accept their attacks on our future, we are lost. We won't even have our past to protect us.

“A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.”

- Benjamin Franklin leaving the Constitutional Convention 1787

Is Benjamin Franklin's Eighteenth Century challenge even relevant for Twenty-first Century America?

First, he identified our Nation, upon it's founding, as a Republic, born a Nation of Laws.

Then, he implied it's not easy being free.

Quite prescient of Mr. Franklin since during most of our previous century, events unfolded in such a way that today:

* We are called a Democracy,

* Our Laws are a matter of convenience and

* Our freedom appears to be transforming into statist defined rights.

And, as Mr. Franklin suggested, it's all happening with little effort on our part.

Over the last three decades, interest in the militia movement has waxed and waned. Repeated identification of the KKK, skinheads and the catch-all 'domestic terrorist' as militia(4) has projected a strong negative perception of the modern militia that is designed to subvert and weaken the sovereign status of the American people.

That negative perception is a lie.

Guided by the mis-, dis- and lack of information about the American militia, provided (or not) by official information sources, some confused citizens still trust that the two political parties will do what is best for our Country and will even after our role is reduced from sovereign to entitled . It is time we openly acknowledge that also is a lie.

Before we look into the historical truth of the Militia, here's an account of a post-WWII militia event that took place in Georgia in 1946.

It is a model of citizen responsibility and action based on conscious, moral decisions and a commitment to rid their community of the corruption they subjected themselves to...

By 1946, (5) the residents of Athens GA had been complaining about suspected election fraud to the United States Justice Department for years. The Justice Department routinely ignored their requests for investigation.

In McMinn County, where Athens is located, the citizens themselves had been winking at the corruption for decades. They were not without blame for their predicament.

Their past inaction was tacit approval of the corruption that allowed both the Democrats and Republicans to abuse the offices held in County government. But the returning WWII vets, recognizing the evil they went to war to fight against was firmly rooted in their county, wanted better.

They united to form an all ex-GI, non-partisan ticket to rid the county of corruption and things started heating up in July 1946.

Days before the August 1 election, the veteran's requested election monitors from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Once again, to the McMinn County reform-minded citizens, the Democrat administration's Justice Department had nothing to say and the die was cast.

A thorough account of the action is linked below (6) for your convenience. The short version of the story is, on Election Day, the County sheriff brought in some two hundred armed 'deputies'. Poll watchers were targeted by these deputies. Beatings and kidnappings were the deputies main duties.

Soon after a black man was shot at and wounded for insisting on his right to vote, the ex-GI's borrowed weapons from the Armory's and returned fire. Once they introduced dynamite into the argument the sheriff's forces surrendered and the ex-GI's assumed control of the town. The next day, a town meeting set up a three man governing committee and order was restored to McMinn County.

Truly, it was an American Militia moment. Those American veterans though, as tired and disgusted with war as you can bet they were, had to break into a couple of Armory's to get weapons to fight back. How would they have, how could they have responded to the criminal Sheriff's attacks if those Armory's weren't there?

Political action, the path they were pursuing, wasn't working. And they didn't have any, or enough, of their own weapons. And that was before organized efforts to disarm Americans began in earnest. You may be surprised to learn how long, and why, the efforts to disarm citizens have been going on.

Militia activity can be found in Biblical accounts but the roots of the American militia can be traced directly back to the Fyrd, (7) the early militia of Saxon England, circa 690 A.D.

Long before the Norman conquest of Britain, Saxon law required every free man to keep the weapons of an infantryman handy and to serve in the local militia. The flaw in the Saxon's Fyrd was the military duty was owed to the person who granted the land to the armed freeman, not to the Sovereign who governed.

The Normans fixed that problem in 1086. William the Conqueror made every landowner swear fealty to him.

Over the next couple of centuries, in direct opposition to what we've come to expect from our modern government, more laws were presented that required not only free men but serfs, too, to be armed. In the Fourteenth century Richard II banned the game of horseshoes so that more time could be spent shooting arrows. The price of bows was even controlled so everyone could afford one.

The rulers on the Continent of Europe saw things differently and maintained tight control of their weapons, not allowing the peasant's even a peek.

The English, on the other hand, came to believe a well armed Englishman was the model of a free man. The Militia provided them a fair measure of liberty that Royalty respected.

During the Seventeenth century, the winds of favor shifted dramatically against the commoners. Increasing Papist pressure and the resulting need of the Royalist's for higher taxes sharpened the differences between the empire minded Monarchists and the authority absorbing Parliament.

The commoners were less inclined to give a rat's patoot about how their leaders viewed the big picture as long as they, the commoners, weren't harassed severely.

Monarchist and Parliament toads continued to lurch onward, beyond the bounds of power struggle, until their differences escalated into a Civil War.

As one might imagine, the populace was split over who they supported. More commoners sided with Parliament against the Royalists favored by Rome.

In an effort to prevent those commoners from taking action against him, the king tried to confiscate their weapons. He was not successful and in the end, Parliament prevailed and Charles I was put to death.

Soon, Parliament, too, started having second thoughts about their position in an armed society.

A society that had so many armed citizens started to make them, and their gentry benefactors, nervous. Intent on gaining control of the Militia and downsizing the standing army, Parliament passed the Militia Ordinance.

Shortly afterwards, it was taken over by the military and a new Parliament, a Rump Parliament, was installed that promptly rescinded the Militia Ordinance.

Modern American politicians must share the same DNA as those Parliamentarians. Much like the political leaders of today who refuse to yield to the American people on illegal immigration issues, the Parliament tried again to enact a similar bill to the Militia Ordinance in 1654.

That resulted in their dissolution.

In 1654, Oliver Cromwell emerged as the Lord Protector of England. He dissolved, then resurrected Parliament, then dissolved it again in order to turn England into military districts, each under the control of an Army general who instituted political surveillance and censorship.

The Rump Parliament, or rather what was left of it, was recalled in 1659, after Cromwell's death. Shortly thereafter Parliament ordered an accounting from London householders that required them to report to the government how many, and the names of, persons staying in their homes. If weapons were kept they were to list them and the ammunition. They also empowered government officials to confiscate those weapons and ammunition.

These tumultuous times in England had a direct bearing on how and why our Founders set the foundation for our political freedom.

Within a week of ordering the list of people and weapons in and around London to be drawn up, the officials administering that statute were given the power to...

search for and seize all arms, in the custody and possession of any popish recusant, or other person that hath been in arms against the Parliament, or that have adhered to the enemies thereof, or any other person whom the Commissioners shall judge dangerous to the peace of this Commonwealth.

From that statute, came the fear of maintaining a standing army the American colonists inherited. The army they knew was used, not in the defense of the Realm, but to force the citizenry into submission.

That Rump Parliament didn't last much longer after that attack on the Subjects. A segment of the army, led by one of the generals, went to London, dissolved it again and called for a new Parliament. That Parliament called for the return of Royalist rule by inviting Charles II to sit on the throne. They also maintained a pro-papist position.

The conspiracy to protect their interests and enslave the common people was then put into action.

Upon the return of a king, the new Parliament started enacting laws that broadened the definition of treason and censored the press. They continued to enact laws that targeted those who aligned themselves with the anti-Rome activists. Parliament, although favorable to the royalists were mostly concerned with protecting their own and the landed gentry's power.

The king and Parliament, however, had a huge problem. All the weapons the people had been encouraged to gather in the past were still out there beyond London and its suburbs.

And the king's army of 60,000 had less than 5,000 guns between them. The king had to fix that if he was to have the control London hungered for.

Of his own volition, Charles created a force answerable only to him (8) in an attempt to disarm the people. His instructions were for the militia leaders to call up the troops, seek volunteers willing to work in small groups to watch and prevent restless citizens from gathering and to seize their weapons. There was then, as now, no lack of people with flawed character willing to advance their position in life at the expense of the innocent.

Charles got the volunteers needed and then some.

A few months later a militia bill he endorsed was introduced into the House of Commons but its heavy-handed demands gave way too much leeway to his organized militia gun searches. It created such resistance it was dropped.

Almost two years passed before Charles got his version of the Dream Act. He might have had to concoct a few plots against the government here and there and put many of his father's friends in positions to help him, but hey, it was all out in the open court yards.

This Militia Act of 1662 spelled out who was eligible for the militia. It also provided a substitution clause one could use to get out of militia duty if it proved too burdensome. If a substitute was hired for an eligible, the original eligible was merely required to swear to not take arms against the king.

The Militia Act of 1662 also gave Lieutenants of the militia the power to confiscate the weapons of any person they judged to be a danger to the kingdom.

It also required gunsmiths to keep and provide records of weapons manufactured retroactive to six months and a list of purchasers and to file weekly sales reports. Commoners were also forbidden to carry without a royal license and commerce was interrupted by import limits placed on firearms.

Only an Immortal could appreciate how quickly these 350 year cycles come back around. Lesser beings still cling to the belief that every day is another chance for a new beginning. (9)

Given an inch, they wanted the whole yardarm

The skid to general disarmament was greased in 1671 when the non-landowning citizens were targeted. The appropriately named Hunting Acts limited hunting to the elite, the creme de la creme of the landowners and other wealthy gentry.

It also expanded the prohibition that forbade the use of traps, set by various poaching laws, to include guns and bows. There exists today evidence of a vigorous enforcement of those laws on holders of weapons and gunsmiths.

Meanwhile, opponents of the burgeoning police state coalesced as the Whig party. They called for another dissolution of Parliament.

James II, the out of the closet Catholic leader of the Anglican church, followed his brother Charles to the throne. Because of his Catholic connections, rebellion soon followed his ascendancy to the crown.

When the local militia did not end the insurgency the regular army was called out. James set about to increase the size of the army and also expand the weapons confiscation program. The king's officers went from house to house searching for and seizing the arms they found.

James created further dissension by using his royal 'dispensing powers' to allow Catholic officers into his expanding army, doing an end run around the Test Acts that prohibited non-Anglicans from holding government positions.

Rumors flew that James would impose his religion by military force.

With anti-royalist Whigs most often the targets of these searches, it soon became apparent that disarming the people was the means for destroying the Whigs resistance.

While James' tyrannical acts were causing tremendous distress, anger and concern among the targeted, his order to include Ireland in his plan to enslave the people proved enlightening to we who can look back. The local Irish authorities set about to enforce James edict with enthusiasm. They disarmed the English colonists in Ireland in short order.

A month after receiving the king's order, the Military Commandant of Ireland saw fit to report a marked increase of bandit activity against the recently disarmed English colonists. These bandits, known as Tories back on Auld Sod, provided early documented proof that when guns are outlawed, outlaws get very active. (10)

James' religious policies and his heavy handed behavior finally alienated the Anglican Parliament who joined forces with the Whigs. This led to the Glorious Revolution and his replacement by his son-in-law and daughter, William of Orange and Mary.

James fled to his papist friends on the Continent and his abandonment led to major questions. The Tories, the political party of the elite, not the Irish bandits, were in a philosophical twist over their belief in the Divine right of kings. That it had turned into an endless source of jokes for the Commoners didn't help. The Whigs, meanwhile, were looking to find a way to protect the kingdom from future despots.

The answers were found at the convention called by Parliament. The English government was in a state of suspension pending the convention's outcome so the agreement had to be accomplished quickly.

That agreement they reached declared James' flight from England was a violation of Divine Right and he had, therefore, abdicated his kingship. That soothed the Tories torment.

The Whig's were pleased that the rights of the royal subjects were defined in the newly proclaimed Declaration of Rights. Before William and Mary acceded to the throne they agreed to abide by the Declaration.

William and Mary then called Parliament together and the Declaration of Rights was enacted as the Bill of Rights. A notably meaningful inclusion to their Bill of Rights was the recognition of the individual’s right to bear arms.

Charles and his brother James had left such bitterness behind, complaints against James' attempts to subvert the laws and liberties of the kingdom by disarming the Protestants and arming the Catholics were included in the Declaration.

(How many readers recognize that same one-sided disarmament tactic used in the third world today by the U.N.? It is usually followed by a massacre as U.N. peacekeepers wring their hands on a hill far removed from the atrocities they unleashed.)

This Bill of Rights was not introducing any new concepts to the English. It was looked upon as formalizing the existing rights of Parliament (first) and then, the outraged subjects. It would be the basis of our Constitution. The priorities would be reversed, though, and, with God's continued blessing, will remain that way.

The Whig leadership stressed the basis of political freedom was individual ownership of arms, formation of a citizen army and the limitation of standing armies. The 1947 Athens, GA. action was just one more instance of proof that bears witness to the Whigs belief.

In Maxims of State, Sir Walter Raleigh observed that "barbarous tyrants would plan to unarm the people of weapons, money and all means whereby they may resist his power".

In Political Disquisitions, written before our Revolution escalated to a shooting war, William Burgh, an English Whig politician wrote:

The confidence which a standing army gives a minister, puts him upon carrying things with a higher hand than he would attempt to do if the people were armed and the court [royal officials] unarmed, that is, if there were no land force in the nation, but a militia. Had we at this time no standing army, we should not think of forcing money out of the pockets of three millions of our subjects. We should not think of punishing with military execution, unconvicted and unheard, our brave American children, our surest friends and best customers.... We should not--but there is no end to observations on the difference between the measures likely to be pursued by a minister backed by a standing army, and those of a court awed by the fear of an armed people.

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself (Gal 5:13-14)

Today, as a Nation, we have wandered far from the wisdom that guided our first leaders. Lead from the path they lighted, we are being conditioned to exist in a grey area being readied by traitors. This grey area leaves many of us scratching our heads wondering just what is going on. It could also precede our perdition.

Any further acceptance on our part of their laws of intrusion and restriction, long favored by the Democrat and Republican Parties, will be, just as it was for the citizens of Athens, GA., all the approval globalist minded traitors need to lock us down in a police state.

During the last three presidential administrations we have been:

* Formally introduced to the New World Order and NAFTA by President George Herbert Bush.

* Dragged into the World Trade Organization by the cooperation of a lame duck Congress led by Senator Bob Dole, Congressman Newt Gingrich ( both Republicans ) and Democrat President Clinton even though US citizens overwhelmingly opposed it and

* Told by President George Walker Bush there was nothing we could do to stop the illegal invasion. In the meantime, a North American Union was being pursued clandestinely by agents of his administration funded unwittingly by American taxpayers.

Those are just a few of the actions taken by our political leaders that are in direct opposition to their oaths of office, our Constitution and our Nation's best interests.

And now through the imagined authority of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, that globalist hallucination brought to life in a behind the scenes maneuver shielded by President George W Bush's reassurances that it doesn't exist, the UN has been empowered to send troops into our Country when the Avian flu hits.(11)

It is bad enough our borders are violated every day by thousands of people whose livelihoods have been destroyed by NAFTA and our leadership assumes a helpless, there is nothing we can do (except pass the costs of that invasion onto US citizens) attitude.

But to invite foreign troops into our Country? Today, more than eighty million Americans are angry over the ongoing unofficially sanctioned invasion of our country. Will an officially sanctioned invasion be any more palatable? What next, after the arrival of these better organized and armed third world thugs?

Those of us who are just now awakening to the disconnect from what we believed we once were, and who are beginning to realize that tyranny is breathing down our necks, are faced with a choice. Are we to continue rolling over for the statist political machine? Or will we start acting like the Americans we claim to be and take the action necessary to ensure our freedom and the freedom of our future generations?

And what action is ours to take? Right now, there are still two. Peaceful and preparatory. They co-exist very well but peace is soon lost when someone isn't prepared.

Our Founding Terrorists (12) gave us the means of peaceful revolution via free elections. But, peaceful revolutions require a commitment to participation, to vigilance.

Political vigilance means acquiring as true and as thorough an understanding of candidates and their agendas as we can determine. It means we have to look past the sound bytes and photo ops managed by the evening news. We have to cut through the fog of lies surrounding their strategy of misdirected doublespeak. Political vigilance means we have to fight the influence of those in-place agents of change who activate the recommendations of their One World manipulators.

And yet, even as the dismantlement of the US and its Constitution proceeds openly, Americans continue to pay homage to the monster that devours our young and mocks the survivors.

Like attentive school children, we tune in by the millions to watch the hand-picked presidential candidates try to sell themselves as the answer to problems they helped create when Ron Paul, the one candidate who has spent his entire career in Congress true to the Constitution, is dismissed as a nuisance and ignored by the media.

Despite Ron Paul's tremendous popularity across the political spectrum he is an outsider (13). Our handlers simply cannot allow Paul's message of less spending, lower taxes and reviving the Constitution be heard.

Isn't it time Americans had a President and not a facilitator for special interests?

Since WWII, the results of political chicanery have been accepted by many Americans and often explained away with the excuse, 'they must know something we don't'.

There is some truth to that. Treasonous politicians know that the majority of US citizens refuse to believe the Democrat and Republican parties are as complicit in the destruction of our Sovereignty as the political traitors appear to be.

One such political traitor, Senator Arlen Specter, has publicly admitted, and accused another Senator of, not being a defender of the Constitution as they swore they would be before entering office. In a shouting match that took place in public, Senator Specter blustered:

"I don't need to be lectured by you. You are no more a protector of the Constitution than am I," Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., shouted after Sen. Russ Feingold declared his opposition to the amendment, his affinity for the Constitution and his intention to leave the meeting. (14)

The senators were, at the time, working to determine additional, specific 'rights' that we, as a redefined Republic-Democratic society seem to require.

Rights designed to ensure, for those who may not consider themselves equal to others in today's society, a feel good empowerment to act out their self-importance in the emerging totalitarian waste land we are being driven to.

What's to be more alarmed about? That the senator freely and openly admits his betrayal of his Oath of Office? Or that the senators think they have to redefine the phrase 'all men are created equal'?

What part of "Enemies foreign and domestic' don't you understand?

In the good old days of the Twentieth Century, paying your taxes, going to war and voting for carefully presented candidates was the level of citizen participation encouraged by the prejudiced few and accepted by the proud many.

In return, we teeming masses came to expect a high degree of control over our borders, food we can eat safely, schools that educate our children smartly, work places protected from our domestic enemies and an air defense system that protects us from the foreign enemies our politicians cultivate.

Reasonable expectations from a reasonable, optimistic, mostly law abiding people.

Evidence is mounting, however, that suggests 'reasonable' is a character trait only the shrinking American middle class must bear. Especially when faced with yet another burden mandated by the Federal government.

While we are being reasonable...

* Border control is relaxed and the working stiff middle class foots the bill;

* food shopping increasingly requires a fatalistic attitude;

* our children, compared to the children of thirty other nations, rank seventeenth in reading, math and sciences (15);

* jobs are being sent overseas or Americans are being replaced here in our own Country by frenetic corporate coyotes and

* our promised security includes searching Americans thoroughly before they board a plane and occasionally making mothers drink their baby's milk.

But we still pay taxes, still go off to fight the wars globalists start and our politicians champion and we still vote for carefully presented candidates. Instead of reasonable, an argument might be made that we are collectively insane.

Are we nuts? Maybe. Albert Einstein is alleged to have said it this way. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But what if we aren't insane? What if, instead, we are being led to believe our national backbone is no longer important and we are better off without it? You might think that's a crazy statement what with our over-extended military fully engaged in the Middle East and present in countries around the world.

What Country could have a better backbone?

A.) A Country that holds true to its Constitution.

B.) A Country whose elected officials act on behalf of the citizens not a hidden power.

C.) A Country whose destiny is not determined by a shadow government.

D.) All of the above.

The correct answer is D, of course. But a shadow government? What shadow government? And what's that got to do with our Country?

The official Shadow Government was created by our Executive branch following the attack on 9/11. (16)

The other shadow government has been around a lot longer (17). It stole our Country from us when it took control of our money supply upon the creation of the Federal Reserve. It changed our direction when the step-child of Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council of Foreign Relations (18), first took over the State Department and then targeted their placement into the Cabinet posts of newly elected Presidents. Today, CFR members guide politics, the economy, the military, science and the media.

When we read how Presidential and Congressional actions have devastated millions of American's lives with their foreign and domestic policies we can no longer blame their failures on mistakes or stupidity. These people are not stupid.

These people are intelligent. They have an agenda for world governance and they are following it, come hell or high water.

And hell on earth will come, for us, if they are allowed to continue.

Foundations are also used to manipulate public opinion and social direction. These Non-Government Organizations, or NGO's, a term coined by Stalin (19)(20), are not accountable to the citizens of the US. Rather, it appears they are designed and presented in the media so that we Sovereigns are made to feel accountable to them and their weighted 'progressive' outlook. (21)

We have to resist the psychological manipulation of socialist minded Foundations. Their stated aims, bound with the silver ribbon of noble intention, often fund activities used to distract and control the successfully dumbed down portion of our populace.

Examples of political office holders with less than our Nation's well-being in mind abound. Democrat or Republican, it matters not. Some of their egregious recent actions were noted above. An example of what they are capable of doing away from the public's eye was an organization called GlobeUSA.

GlobeUSA was a group of US legislators and senators who participated in an organization called Globe International, an organization concerned with world wide environmental concerns. If you've been successfully conditioned about the horrible state of the world's environmental condition, you may be shrugging and wondering what's the big deal?

The big deal is, these legislators and Senators who participated in this 'global parliament' signed an agreement that clearly stated right above where they put their pen to paper that the signer "... as a member of GLOBE, I will participate in discussions and actions as an independent parliamentarian and not as an official representative of my government.(22)

Below is a link is the year 2004 member page (23). Some are no longer in government. But all are traitors to their constituents and our Nation.

Ponder the Powers, talking the round
Where insides are up and outsides are down
Dimensions are separate by a half inch, no more
And their game of Life requires no score
Though their pockets are filled by our blood, guts and gore.

For them, Time's unimportant, it's losing its bite
No longer a fuel, Time is bent by the Light,
Multiplexing our future, refracting our Past
While unfortunate Present is left to unwrap
For their amusement, their entertainment, why do we adapt?

Science for defense, still a laughable lie
All their protection and yet we still die
Some from the enemy they tell us we got
The rest from a system left in place to rot
While they gorge on our wealth from a wound that won't clot.

While our determined elected public servants and their bureaucratic legions are busy morphing into untouchables, whiffs of the stench their treasonous actions generate are churning into clouds of obnoxia for an increasing number of Americans.

Even as we're unable to plumb the depth and breadth of their treason, they continue on. Arranging the behind-the-scene, serotinous collapse of our nation. The Democrat and Republican parties, the 19th Century lubricant of change for the speed-of-light capable elite, can no longer deny their abandonment of the American Way.

The Democrat-Republican coalition running our Nation has, in recent years, passed a wide assortment of laws that are changing our fundamental rights. Our more recent presidents have been writing increasingly dangerous Executive Orders and bureaucrats work feverishly with foundations to slide US into a Parliamentary governed North American Union.

The Democrat-Republican coalition did not listen when 80% of US told them NO to World Trade Organization involvement. Instead, Republicans Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich helped Democrat Bill Clinton get the WTO agreement approved by a lame duck congress.

The Democrat-Republican coalition directly subverted the will of the citizens of California trying to deal with the illegal invasion. A Federal judge blocked the implementation of voter approved Proposition 187 and Democrat Governor Gray Davis (later recalled from Office), did not appeal the ruling, thus rendering the judgment final.

The Democrat-Republican coalition is now choking on the American citizen's resolve to prevent amnesty for illegal invaders ever again. That does not mean they are not working to once more subvert the will of the people. Republicans and Democrats have no problem supporting a Heinrich Himmler maneuver to avoid choking on the Sovereign citizen's will.

Many readers are aware of a long list of examples. Proof enough is Waco (24).

Our choices are clear. We can be Sovereigns or suckers.

We can, like the determined members of Pennsylvania CleanSweep (25), and other like minded groups around the Country, work to vote all incumbents who have proved themselves failures at serving their constituents and the Constitution, out of office.

And that means at every level. Local, state and federal. If you are concerned that those who replace them are inexperienced, (and hopefully we will avoid replacing them with anyone connected to the Democrat-Republican co-conspirators), consider the Senator from Illinois. He is being seriously touted as a candidate for the presidency by the globalist elite (26)(27) and he is still wet behind the ears as a senator.

The elites do not mind inexperience when it's to their benefit. (28) We should not when it's to ours.

The other Democrat candidate (29) claims she is the more experienced candidate. In what? Exploiting tax payers? She, too, has the backing of the globalists.

Senator McCain's (30) (31) handiwork has already been pointed out, so you know where his allegiance lies.

Taking back control may seem to be a most formidable task. But consider the alternative of existing in a world where our Sovereignty has been transformed into subjugation and our grandchildren are raised as mindless slaves by the State.

Public educators have been dumbing down North American children for decades, everybody knows that, which is why there is such a strong home school movement. And a growing anti-home school movement has been launched against them.

We all should be aware by now that change is best accomplished and accepted when it is done incrementally. Dumbing down America started decades ago. Disarming America started decades ago. Enslaving America started decades ago.

We have much ground to recapture.

If we cannot win this battle with the entrenched enemies of our Constitution politically, we better get cracking on the preparatory part. There is too much history that current events and existing laws can be identified with to suggest these political piranha's are going to remain benevolent.

Getting the Spirit

In the Declaration of Independence, our Founders stated that Man is endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Today, our leaders are unquestionably more in touch with the United Nation's belief that it is the sole privilege of the State to dispense rights to humanity.

It is imperative we remember that if State power can giveth, State power can certainly taketh away.

There already exist hundreds of militia groups involving thousands of Americans who are prepared for armed conflict. This remnant exists because we understand the price of liberty and recognize the growing danger that threatens to overwhelm US.

But we are still a remnant.

Millions of Americans, kept busy constructing the beehive of slavery designed by the globalist elite, are losing sight of what it means to be an American. Many have already surrendered their measure of the Spirit that made us a great Nation, worn down by the unceasing, not so little murders committed by the elite that are destroying our Freedoms.

These fallen away Americans focus instead on acquiring and keeping easily lost McMansions. They focus instead on their tv shows, their golf dates, their 'deserved' vacations, and pursuing the happiness gained by chasing a twisted American Dream. They are blind to, and have no affinity for, the Americans who often end up dead or in jail for taking a stand against the encroachment of Totalitaria. Those fallen Americans are our weakest link.

If we are to regain the Spirit of the Militia, the backbone of our freedom, we must reclaim those weakest links. We have to bring them back from the brink of extinction they have been lead to by the agents of Tyranny, those who would enslave us once more.

An effective militia is one whose members not only understand the increasing danger to our liberty and complains loudly against it but also takes action to organize family, friends and neighbors against that danger.

We do not have to belong to a State militia or a National militia, nor do we have to have hundreds of members in one organization to be effective. We only have to organize our family, our neighborhood, maybe our town. Freedom needs only a spark.

When enough Americans are awakened to their right to and responsibility for taking back the power stolen from us, that spark will ignite the flame that will rid our Nation of those traitors who seek to destroy US and enslave the survivors.

We can win politically by identifying and voting for men and women of honor who, like Ron Paul, have kept faith and belief in our Constitution.

But, we must prepare to meet force with force if the globalists remain in control through the corrupt political parties that are shredding our freedom for a false security.

We may not be as fortunate as those veterans in Athens, GA. who had armories to access weaponry from, so we must be adequately armed.

We must recognize these calls for gun control that follow every unfortunate shooting that makes the six o'clock news for what they are, a convenient ploy to manipulate our sympathy for the victims and their families into a guilt-driven effort to disarm us. Go to your favorite search engine and enter the words, school shooting mind control, for a closer look.

School shootings, mall shootings, gang shootings all start from a point where our society has been tweaked by those who consider themselves 'progressive'.(32)

Politicians, socialist minded foundations and educators who have brought into the peace, love and happiness improbability of a disarmed future must be faced down with the facts of history.

No one in their right mind wants to see our Country disappear in a conflagration. If we are to prevent that we must be prepared.

Start by talking about the militia with a relative, friend or a neighbor. Chances are you will be met initially with derision. Just hold your ground and believe in what history has proven.

Investigate what is already out there. American Constitutional Militia has a yahoo group. The Michigan Militia has a website that provides insight for how a militia group works. A Well Regulated Militia is another site you might want to visit. (33)

If you do not have any military experience, seek out a friend or neighbor that does and ask for their input. Ask them to help you understand the basics of a defensive position. You don't have to be a military genius to develop a neighborhood defense.

Militias, historically, are defensive mechanisms. You are NOT, repeat NOT, being asked to mount a military offensive against our government. Our government, once the traitors are removed through political action, will work for us again.

But if we are unable to remove the Republican-Democrat tumor that is destroying US, we had better be prepared to deal with the police state they have planned.

Algernon Sydney, a leading Whig thinker and politician executed by Charles II, counseled that "No state can be said to stand upon a steady foundation, except those whose whole strength is in their own soldiery, and the body of their own people," and more concisely, that in a proper commonwealth, "the body of the people is the public defense, and every man is armed."

Plant the seed, share this information.

And gain strength from God's Word in the Bible. The political deceptions noted above are only a few of the manifestations of the spiritual war being waged against us. We are engaged with those forces that rage against the only security mankind can count on, Jesus Christ.

The KJV not only contains God's directions for peace on earth, it is the only handbook with complete instructions for other than earthly survival.

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