Sunday, June 01, 2008

It was Israel’s Day Parade you Keffiyeh’s!

Warning: Keffiyeh’s are in this movie on the Israel Day Parade!

Keffiyeh’s? What the hell were they doing there? Oh yeah it’s their right to be Jew haters.

I just have to keep reminding the bone heads out there Atlas

Any info you produce Pamela is a plus! It will soon be all over the net! Nice job as usual! You take every opportune moment because we need to see this to convince others of the kaffiyeh’s actions of hate!

As always islam is raining on every ones parade!


American Patriot said...

Warning: Islamos are trying to strike back!

I was just made aware of the following email sent out to Islamos around the country. We need to inform the appropriate counter terrorism authorities and stage a counterprotest. We can't let them have an inch! We have to foil this plot!

"As you may have heard, Dunkin’ Donuts has pulled an ad featuring Rachael Ray because of complaints from conservatives who say the scarf she was wearing in the ad somehow supports terrorism because it looked like a Kaffiyeh (sometimes called a Hatta). You can see the full story below.

The Kaffiyeh is a utilitarian article of clothing which has been making its way in the fashion industry for many years. To say it is a symbol of terrorism is ri di culous.

In order to show that an article of clothing is harmless, Friday June 6th has been designated as a day for those who have a Kaffiyeh to wear it out and about. Gather with friends and send a video to You Tube or Google Videos. It’ll be fun to see how many people have one of these innocuous scarves.

We recognize that Dunkin Donuts franchise owners may not support the corporate stance; this is not a “protest”, we will not enter the stores. We will meet in the parking lot, have some Krispy Kreme donuts and take a video of us saying how and when we got the scarves. Then we’ll post the videos on You Tube. "

dcat said...

They ain't winning with this AMERICAN that is for damn sure!!!

Fucking liberals!

I’ll bring the lighter fluid!

I stand at having a marshmallow roast! Maybe I’ll make smors! I am in liberal land right now at the Oregon Coast. Perfect place for a bon fire and some stupid jihad kaffiyehs thrown into the flame!

dcat said...

I never did like krispy krems they are greasy and have an after taste!

The WORST donut I have ever ate and it took one bite. The rest went into the trash!

Joanne said...

Symbols do mean something, but the Star of David did not exist. King David did not have a star as a symbol. The two inverted triangles on the Star of David are actually pagan symbols. I do not understand why the country Israel has chosen this particular symbol on their flag. People can do their own research; I thought for years that the Star of David must have had something to do with the star above the manger where Jesus lay, but no, far from it. Actually, that wouldn't even make sense considering the Jewish religion does not accept Christ as their saviour. The racial jews of the tribe of Judah though can be christians or whatever, unlike those who belong to the Jewish religion.

The last war will start in the Middle East with the enemies of Israel about her. I'd rather stand with the country Israel than with her enemies because they are going down.

dcat said...

Yeah well I am reading more important info here then fighting about symbles! I will always side with Israel! And yeah the enemies are going down big time!