Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yes Islam is Equally Guilty as Yaser is!

So are others in this Honor KILLING!!!! Do you see what I see in the child's eyes on your right? I do and you should! Ah but you don’t have the gift do you! Alright then I will tell you! She has been abused! I see fear as well!

I know that look!
Obama go screw yourself! You didn’t care about these girls 6 months ago! Why in the fuck have them at your site now you FAKE asshole!!!

I heard it through the blog line that you are trying to woo White Women eh? Well this White Woman (Polish AMERICAN) is too smart for ya! I’m not falling for such a sick way of getting points! You are using these two dead girls for your gain!

Go back to your pathetic CNN interviews because you are no match for the great bloggers out there! Soon as you put anything up they have the real scoop so just like Hillary you need to give it up already! Because you have lost with most of us from day one!

We had this story out long ago!
Any one that votes for you is not able to see what most of us do however they will at the end! So just keep digging yourself deeper you JERK!

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