Friday, May 30, 2008

Yeah sure it’s only a scarf

And the swastika was just a swastika!

I agree with Atlas!

It’s an ugly design too so the style guy not only has no style he has no patriotism! Probably gay too! Uh does he know islam doesn't like gays and have them killed?

Maybe it is just a scarf but there are a lot of folks keeping watch. And the ones that think they are informed will realize it way too late!

Does anyone else out there remember the big flowers out there in the 60’s? I do! They had meaning too. Open your eyes wide people!

Hey and about this last Memorial day! I was feeling a bit bitter so I found putting up a soldier dipping his bullets in pig meat to take out terrorists justifying in my eyes. Plus I am now 52!

God Bless our Troops!


Joanne said...

The scarf definitely looks out of place around Rachel Ray's neck. It is all about offending Dunkin Donuts's clientele, and they probably made the correct call for withdrawing the ad. I think that Dunkin Donut even thinking to remove the ad means they do not want to be associated with those who support terrorist organizations in the Middle East - good for them. With the things the way they are in America today, and with Obama being a supporter and sympathizer of terrorist organizations, I'm glad to see Dunkin Donuts doing the 'right' thing.

dcat said...

Yes just when you lose all hope! Something good happens!

It will take the people to do something about the issues at hand unlike the UK, Germany… Oh isn’t there quite a bit of the thugs up North as well?

By golly at least Dunkin Donuts won’t just lie down and roll over for the thugs! The American people are taking a stand! Oh but of course the ones for obaaabaaa still don’t get it or have a clue! Soon you will see them wearing the same pattern just to spite the all of us that are aware.

The left will joke about anything the right, say because lets face it the left here in the USA are clueless! Just like the hippies of the 60’s were and there you have it!

About those big flowers of the 60’s not everyone fell for it! Subliminal messages are on the come back!

Another thing is I can’t be hypnotized into being brainwashed either!

Indigo Red said...

It's too bad the bad guys adopted that particular scarf design. I like the look of it, but the message is something I can't live with.

Rachel Ray is probably not very politically savvy like most of the entertainment set. She went for the popular fashion without any idea what the thing was or meant.

dcat said...

Rachel Ray is probably not very politically savvy like most of the entertainment set. She went for the popular fashion without any idea what the thing was or meant.

And it isn't just the entertainment set! That is that sad part!!!

dcat said...

Any one that gives me a scarf like that 'well it will be burned and placed on my blog with me burning it!!! WITH THE ARAB ASSHOLE THUGS PICTURE!!!

dcat said...

I am still getting teased about a red pick up truck that I reported with barrels of who in the hell knows what was in them!?!

It was me and only me questioning it! Some one was testing. I fell for it and I will again!!!

Indigo Red said...

I regularly report stuff I see. None of it has been terror related, but I watch anyway.

In the apartments where I live, which are right under the John Wayne Airport flight path, we have had an influx on Middle Eastern folks move in. I went to the manager and asked, " What's with all the Taliban moving in?" She said, "Yeah! I wonder about that, too." Two weeks later, we had a Police "Get to Know Your Neighbor" meeting by the community pool and many of the ME folks came. If they are bad guys, they got the message we are watching.

dcat said...

Did they like have wine with you Indigo? ;)

Yeah well they are all out in droves today I'll tell you that much!

All at Costco and one family was dressed head to toe and the old man in a white night gown thingy!

Yup not only did I stair at them I followed them and glared down most of the rows at them I was at! When I lost sight because I was shopping I looked and got in check with their whereabouts.

What the hell do they think they are trying to do here?!

Then I saw a scary looking dude when we were checking out! He was an Arab! He was looking a little guilty too! Why don’t they all leave on the next flight to the ME!!!


Mike's America said...

I don't know who Rachel Ray is and I don't care.

This reminds me of that idiot Carmine Diaz (I don't know who she is either) who wore a Mao Bag while doing something in Peru.

She of course did not know that the Maoists had slaughtered thousands of Peruvians.

nanc said...

i'll be catching up with you in almost two months, dcat - it just gets better and better!

as for rachael ray - what a buffoonette! wearing that short sleeved vee neck tee in the warm of spring in front of a phony photo of the d.c. cherry blossoms so the entawr world could see her chubby arms? WTF's up with that?

has she no fashion sense?


dcat said...

Well Mike,
I guess you will now know the subtle hints hamas is putting out there now then right?!

I sure as hell hope you see it!!! I don’t watch TV either but I know a hamas when I see one.

Looks to me you need to brush up on the conservative skills there good buddy!

dcat said...

I won't wear scarfs nanc!

I wear short sleeves and excuse me for not looking anorexic.

But man can I kick ass! You wouldn't want to mess with me I assure you!

dcat said...

...went for the popular fashion without any idea what the thing was or meant.


popular for whom? Hamas!!! It's a Kafia! Idiots I'm telling ya even the fasion world is ready for the burka! I won't be! Even when I am old and want to cover my body! I will always look good because I work out!

As if I give a grass ass to fasion! AND THAT IS A NO I DON'T!

American Patriot said...

What an idiot, did she not realizing that she was being used to send a discreet message that the 'intellectual' elites are secretly siding with the Islamos.

The good thing is that pressure from patriotic Americans such as ourselves foiled this particular plot. We just have to stay vigilant. Its like W says, we have to win every time, they only have to wing once.

Keep fighting!

dcat said...

I plan to!