Friday, April 11, 2008

Truth has Consequences!

Instructions for Obama: Insert foot in mouth!

Don’t take guns away from good citizens!

Especially with folks like myself that have been with the NRA for years!!!

We even had a riffle team at my school and everyone lived! There were no teachers taken out! There were no students killed!!! I reloaded shells at the age of 10 with my 8 year old brother to shoot at cans and targets. We had the respect needed for having guns. Unlike the crack head parents of kids today! They barley can raise themselves let alone a child!

We the ones that support the second amendment are the ones you want for a neighbor and we will come running (instead of away like democrats). You can count on us unlike the democrats that want to take away our right to protect property from thugs! Take our guns away and guess who will have guns? Yup and there ain’t no one to save your hide then! Think long and hard!

Thugs will find a way because the law protects them!

Lets keep the Second Amendment and get tougher on THUGS!

It is the thugs that want to disarm us! Just so they can take over! Yes Mabel this is war!


nanc said...

his putzery knows no boundaries!


The Griper said...

put a gun in a kids hands and teach him to know how and when to use it or you risk he'll put one in his own hands. then that is when you have more than a problem you have trouble.

dcat said...

That is right Griper!

Mjolnir said...

Now we see his utter disdain for us. The Sheepdogs do their job and the sheep are afraid...until the wolf starts to threaten them....

dcat said...

You talking about yourself again mjolnir? ;)