Sunday, April 20, 2008

I hope she doesn’t just become a memory!

Oh hell I’m gonna do it too Pamela! God we need to stop this crap an NOW!!!

I was thinking of these girls all day today for some reason …oh I remember thank you Mike H! ;) Our laws are slipping in the worst way and the Constitution of this great nation is slipping away bit by bit! It won’t though soon as we fire a few of our law enforcers that just refuse to do the job! Too busy banging down donuts and coffee instead of doing the detective work in fear of Islamic jackass THUGS!!! That is what I will call them and yes! The son of the prick as well as the mother should be blamed for this! The son of the prick backed up his old man!!!
My message to the little twerp:"Come on you were nothing but a mistake born to the bitch that had you!" Some mother! To stay with this rapist of her two most precious girls! I am sick! I am hurt! I am very, very angry and the more that this slips by you can just count me as a hate mongrel for this elite religion of THUGS!!!

Thank you Atlas Shrugs "Pamela" for posting this! It is up to the citizens of this country because the fucking law isn’t going to be there for the victims!


Anonymous said...

DCAT, you rock!~ Post the pictures of how this murdering savage might have changed his appearance.

Folks need to get clued in ... he definately chnaged his "look"


dcat said...

No your the one that rocks Pamela!

You think folks will stay here at my humble little blog? Fat chance! They will all go to the link to your place. :)

Heaven help that little prick if I ever run into him!

He is the one that is going to need a warning!

Yem don’t go to Washington State turn your sorry ass in because dcat lives there and she won’t give you that chance!

Anonymous said...

And how has Dcat been, Hmmm? Stopped by to say howdy, hope all is well with you and yours..

dcat said...

Hey Yankee division son! long time no hear from!

Things couldn't be better! And I hope all is well with you.

Pop an email to me. Since I moderate I will get your email and delete that post. :) See how I operate. ;)