Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Vote is Still Out

Still out in limbo that is!

After all this turmoil someone in the comment section dared to tell me to go to the polls! Hello! I am voting absentee for a reason! I will be out of the country! The second thing is I don’t get off work till it is too late to go down to the election office! I live on the East side! I just love it when people comment without considering what is really happening in the State of Washington! Could this be the reason the Democrats are in office here!? Or that is why Washington State is one of the highest taxed states!?

Moving on to the next phase of my voting dilemma they have now issued me a third. Yes a third ballot promised to me today! Guess what folks! No ballot yet again! But hey they did mail it yesterday from Seattle before mail pick up. After all I did call at the moment the place opened! Silly me! Hell it takes at least one day to get a netflicks movie from Tacoma ‘which by the way is further from my home then the election office. Yes netflicks comes the next day! A ballot “the first one” they clamed they had sent October 20th, well lets see from Seattle…It’s not here yet! A postal investigation is in order at this time!

I called them to confirm that I didn’t get my ballot. I will call tomorrow regardless of if I get one or not to let them know. I would think the detective on this case can get a better idea what is going on if contacted early enough. Investigation! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Sad thing is I was told I wasn’t the only one! I wouldn’t have cared that much if this would have happened with the primaries. I was told that “this is what happens when we try and have everyone vote and make it more convenient.” I say computers are the way to go! Make the ones that want to go to voting polls go to voting polls!

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