Monday, April 11, 2011

So hurt the woman and poor!

I don’t rely on federal Government!

Tax the rich? Why? If you want to pay for all the dead beats “women that get knocked up because they are too stupid to make conscious choices” then maybe you can go and start an organization and pay for it! 

I want MY money to go for the things I enjoy!!!   Roads, parks, our military to keep us safe... gee I can't think of anything else!  I went to a private school.

I work for a living and I don’t plan on depending on Government or paying for all the poor in the nation! I want the choice of contributing when I can just like I do for everything else in life!

God people take some responsibility!

The government is going broke because of dead beats! Yes the government is going broke people! Big government is not the answer!!! The big government is going to suck the companies and private corporations dry! Then what?! Too many working for the government already!  Who is going to beable to pay their wages!

The next stupid story will be “you are hurting the poor”. Like I said start an organization and raise money but don’t take my hard earned money!

Maybe I should just quit my job and get on the band wagon too so it can go down the tube that much faster!
Please don’t depend on the government you will be disappointed more than now.

Don’t you DARE touch my IRA, ROTH, or 401K you CROOKS!!! Oh and I want what you took out of my pay check too at the end of my working years!!!  I contributed already and enough!!! 

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